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achy and sleepy and bored

This past week was a bit difficult for me, mostly because I was sick.  By Thursday, I had a 103 degree fever and then spent 2.5 days in bed.  It was less than ideal.

On a good note, next weekend is Parents/Family Weekend, and I think some of my family might drive down from Tacoma to visit, so that shall be fun!

Also next weekend, there’s performances of The Blue Room (the Spring play) and a showing of the movie Milk in Council Chambers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of news about this week’s happenings, as I spent most of it trying to thwart my illness.

I do know that there’s a dance tonight hosted by Black Student Union, with the theme “Divas and Hustlers.”  Those of us out of the loop were really confused why people weren’t getting offended, but apparently it’s a reference to a Beyonce song.  So, I guess that’s okay?  I don’t think I’m going to attend (I’m socializing in the Forest Hall CLC’s apartment, with some friends and the RD’s cats and ferret), but it was really well-publicized and the posters looked cool.

The Music Coalition has locked down a pretty popular Portland musician for a show in April.  The artist’s name is probably not appropriate for the admissions department blog, but here’s a hint: Star*****r.  From what I’ve gauged thus far, the LC peeps are pretty psyched for this show.  You know a band’s good if they can gain a following while having the F-word in their name.

Now playing in my ears:  “Estrogen Oxygen Aches In The Teeth Again” by Loudermilk

28 February 2009