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What do YOU think of the new Black Lips Album?

Prince covering Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You” is arguably one of the weirdest things I have ever heard…

In other news, life is rolling along as usual. A few cool things have happened here and there in the past week: in spite of the craze of my overly packed schedule, I found out today that I managed to make the Dean’s list! This is just evidence that there is definitely time to do everything and try anything in addition to the demands of one’s academic load at Lewis & Clark.

On Friday we had a beautiful sunny day, and after classes there was a mass migration of students to South Campus to bask in its loveliness, play guitars and drums, throw Frisbees, and climb trees.
Over the weekend, I saw a couple of shows. One was at a house in Northeast PDX- a band whose drummer was also its singer and, at times, seated guitarist stole the show. There was also a guy making some beats with a soundboard and three floor toms lined up in front of him that was really fun to dance to. However, in the crazy crowded house-show-ness of it all, the names of both of the bands completely eluded me. I promise that if I find out more info, I will follow up on that. Portland is acclaimed for its music scene, and it is perpetually amazing to be living where music history is happening. The latest Portland band I have become fond of is The Dead Trees. Lovers of bands like Little Joy ought to check their Myspace and listen to the shoulder-swaying, ankle twisting grooves. Also, for those of you in the Bay Area, they will be playing Noise Pop on February 28.

For my Qualitative Methods of Research class, I have to conduct an ethnographic study as my final project. I have decided to study the vegan community in Portland, specifically through the lens of a vegan grocery/convenience store called Food Fight! located downtown. I will keep you updated on my progress and adventures! Check out their website, if you feel so inclined. They have some pretty cool stuff, including vegan caviar and vegan ice cream. www.foodfightgrocery.comyhst-17800188898367_2044_563297.jpg

Best of wishes, friends. As always, feel free to send me a pigeon about anything from dream-déjà vu to sushi to dreadful first films by now-famous directors (ahem, Peter Jackson and “Bad Taste”).

26 February 2009