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Between being sick once again and my never ending course assignments, I have been unable to write for the past couple weeks; but I’m happy to say that I am back!!! (YAY)… School has been hectic as usal but fun at the same time. Since I’ve been back, I’ve privileged …yes privileged to be able to take part in so many amazing on campus events, so I’ve had no time to be bored. One of the most commendable ones I must say was the LC Slam Poetry club’s week long festivities… Amazing those guys and gals are extremely talented; I know I would never be able to write such creative ideas on paper even if Emily Dickinson herself helped me.  I’ve also been enjoying the BSU’s (Black Student Union) ongoing events for black history month. You learn so much .. well I know I have….

I have been trying and surprisingly succeeding in becoming immersed with all my classes… Well that was until earlier when I found out I have a midterm on Monday  for my Rhetorical Criticism class… now this I was unaware of…. (Always look at your syllabus)… So now even though I have plans to attend the BSU’s dance this Saturday.. I have to somehow schedule in time to study for my midterm and two papers. I know you don’t have to tell me.. I have it altogether… J and the strange thing is I know I will somehow manage to do all of that plus my additional homework for next week… maybe multi-tasking….

As for the rest of my classes… Well I adore my dance class; it’s the only class that gives me the opportunity to express myself the way I know how to. It’s instinctive and challenging at the same time, but overall a really good class to be in. French is well French…. I just recently had my first film assignment in my documentary form class (I love that class)… definitely one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken so far at Lewis and Clark.

Next week I will have a ton of updates and picture for you guys (I know I haven’t posted any pics since last semester)… My friends from the Netherlands are here to visit for 10 days and the International fair is next week… as well as my roomies play “The Blue Room”…. too much stuff to tell you about… But I will indeed have updates…

Peace & Love


25 February 2009