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If I had words to make a day for you, I’d give you a morning golden and true

It’s that time again: midweek. Stress levels are high at the moment but the weekend is in sight, and boy, is that a relief. Last week, I mentioned that Brandy, a friend from home who is a senior interested in coming to Lewis & Clark, was coming to stay with me for the weekend. It was lovely to have her here, and fun to show off all my favorite parts of our campus and the city to someone. On Saturday we spent the day downtown, excavating vintage stores and admiring the sunshiny view from the bridges. I know that this is the time for seniors to be narrowing down their school choices, and I’ve seen many of you around campus in the past week. Please don’t hesitate to say hello to me if you recognize me- I’ll only be mildly creeped out and mostly really excited to answer any questions you have.

This week feels like it has been non-stop: between classes, papers, work (I have a work-study job in the ceramics studio), French conversation group, my radio show, writing for the Umbrella and spending time with friends, life is quite like a big colorful blur. However, I have managed to find the time to pour all the creative energy that builds up throughout my busy week into a new project. My friend Ben and I, along with our other friend Hanna, have started a band. We are called the Internet, and we performed at an on-campus show last weekend for the first time. Ben writes great songs: sort of folky, sort of Velvet Underground-esque, and Hanna and I craft vocal harmonies along with him. We use a guitar, a banjo, a floor tom, a tambourine, and various percussion instruments. We seemed to get a good reaction at our last show, and we’ve been practicing quite a bit since. It’s so much fun to be making music! I am honored to be playing amongst the many talented students at LC. I will keep you guys posted on this endeavor. Hopefully video soon?

Last night, I holed myself up in the library for a couple hours to write a paper, but when I emerged, I stumbled upon my friends having a lovely collaging party. They are so precious. Here’s a picture. n743660436_5958352_3166.jpg

The weather is lovely this weekend: cold and clear. I think I shall have to pay a visit to Tryon, the gorgeous state park located just down the street from campus. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful retreat from academia so nearby. Also, this weekend there are a couple of awesome house shows in the city, so I will try to post some pictures and report back on the local acts next week. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. As always, feel free to email about anarchist-veganism, mochi, or to discuss the unlikely amazingness of the Dirty Projectors. Oh yeah, or any questions about the school too. n1047840031_30172317_6403.jpgn1047840031_30172320_7284.jpgn1047840031_30172328_9727.jpg

20 February 2009