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it almost didn’t snow this week

New video!  I finally gathered enough footage about the student art center to give it a little feature here.  It’s a really awesome space, and it is one of the many highlights of campus that prospective students see on their tours.  Here’s a more detailed look around than one might get on the typical campus tour…

(band featured playing at the Platteau is the awe-inspiring Metal Shakespeare Company, which is comprised of LC alums.  Catch them on tour and/or buy their CD!)

Had a statistics test, that was fun.  The cool thing about statistics test is that afterwards you can argue about how he curved it and why he should do it differently.

On my mind lately is the work I’ve been doing as part of the student government; we’ve been meeting to hash out the details of a new Senate-based constitution.  Our current student government is organized in a way that many of us feel lacks transparency, accountability, and a logical, businesslike open venue for discussion.  Our new draft, if revised and approved by the student body later this Spring, hopes to address a lot of issues that we’ve had in recent years with budgeting for student groups and maintaining student interest in and support for the student government.  We believe that a group of students in charge of allocating hundreds of thousands of dollars and making decisions that literally affect the entire student body should be run as smoothly and honestly as possible.  I just hope enough people will care enough to take the time and effort to care about the changes we’re proposing.

Today I took a trip to the Bins.  For those of you not from Portland, I shall tell you what the bins are.  They are a giant warehouse of items that were too broken, weird, unorganized, or overlooked to make it to the shelves of the Goodwill retail locations.  Yes, the Bins is Goodwill’s outlet store.  It gets its nickname from the giant green bins full of disused items that are wheeled around from mob to anxious mob.  While I concede that 99% of the stuff there is probably not something I (or anyone?) would want to take home, there are always a few gems.  Once I found a relatively pristine vinyl copy of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” in one of the many book bins.  Today did not pass without a treasure’s discovery.  I bought a framed painting of a polar bear for $3 (yes it’s a painting, not a print).  This place is often where LC students go to buy furniture for dorm rooms or recently rented houses (though we also check craigslist’s “free” section); one can generally find armchairs ranging from $3-10 and couches from $5-20.  Many of them still work. Mostly.  Since the bins full of items are largely unorganized, most things are priced by the pound.  Yes, you can buy clothes in bulk like candy at the supermarket.  The treasure-hunting aspect, as well as the rummaging and competition to find something cooler than everyone else makes this a great hangout for hipsters, of which we have many in Portland.  It’s also cool for us regular folks, too, though.  At LC, you’ll quickly learn that before you make any major purchase, it’s wise to first check and see if the Bins has it at 1/20 the cost of retail.

Final tidbit, although probably not interesting to the general population, the LC Gaming Society’s World of Warcraft guild grouped up to beat the mean scary dragon at the end of the game (Malygos).  We stole his loot and now we are bored.

That’s about all for now.

Now playing in my ears: “Rise & Shine: The Mixtape” by Ghetto Sunrise

19 February 2009