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Cough, cough, cough

It’s that time again for the campus to come down with every sickness known to mankind. There’s an obvious decline in class attendance, and Fred Meyer might have already run out of Kleenex. It seems that I have come down with a case of sleepitis (though this is mainly caused by my idiotic desire to work out in the morning) and my poor roommate has the early signs of the flu. So we’re all stocking up on Vitamin C and Nyquil, hoping to ride out this wave of the plague relatively unscathed.

On a much brighter note, this weekend brings with it some time off for the crew team. I’m taking the opportunity to train it on up to Seattle to visit my parents/sisters and friends who go to University of Washington (affectionately known as U-Dub). Though I do really enjoy Portland and L&C, it is necessary to sometimes change locations and see some new faces and places. For those searching for a larger city, Seattle is conveniently located 3 1/2 hours north by train or car (if you can hitch a ride). There are also lots of opportunities for students to get off campus in otherways through College Outdoors. I’ve never had the chance to go on one of these trips, but I have many friends who have and they absolutely loved it!! I highly recommend looking into one of these awesome outdoor adventures.

I know I promised some pictures, but all I did last weekend was see a movie and go out to dinner. Not the most exciting or picturesque photos to be sure, but once the weather warms up a bit I’ll be able to show off the beauty of this campus in the spring. Now I’m off to class, and then to choir where we’re learning some new songs for our April concert!

Until later,

19 February 2009