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hot pink long johns, oh yeah!

img_0520.JPGLife at LC has been like living in a snow globe lately. Where a couple of days ago, I was basking in the sunshine on our little hill, this morning I awoke to fat white flakes descending on the unsuspecting forest outside my window; by the afternoon, however, nature had shaken things up in Portland and the snow morphed into icy rain. The decision of what shoes to wear in the morning isn’t any easy one, and I sit here now in the student run Co-Op with wet socks and hot tea, studying with some friends. img_0526.JPGimg_0527.JPGimg_0528.JPGimg_0529.JPG


Starting this Wednesday, lovers of music and puns may tune in to the new radio show- ironically dubbed “Quiet Hours”- I have with my friend, Logan, at KLC. Several of my friends have had radio shows and I have had the pleasure of subbing from time to time, but now I am excited to join their ranks on the airwaves. KLC is LC’s student-run radio station that streams online, which means complete freedom of speech and music and lots of fun. The kids at the station often put on in-studio shows and other functions, the main one being the annual music fest, Sunburn, in April for which we’ve already booked the funky D.I.Y. act Ponytail. I’ve also gotten involved with KLC’s publication- centering on music and the haps in the greater PDX community- called the Umbrella. I am looking forward to writing show reviews, editorials on topics ranging from vegetarians eats to roller-skating hotspots, and perhaps some art here and there. Be sure to stop by the station and pick up a copy when you visit campus. design_02.gif


On Thursday my friend Brandy is coming to stay with me through the weekend. She is a senior at the high school I went to and planning on coming to Lewis & Clark next year. I can’t wait to show her around the school and the city! Valentine’s Day looms on the horizon, which may or may not be good news for all, but I am choosing to look on the bright side this year. Today the kids of S.U.R.F. (Students United for Real Food) and I got together to make some valentines with romantic messages about the importance of healthy, natural, toxin-free food and caring for the environment! (i.e. “Your butt looks like two ripe tomatoes from my garden”, “Yerba hotté”, “I love you too much to put poisonous toxins in your produce,” and “More trees mean more tree-house sex”) These will be sold along with fair trade organic chocolate bars from a chocolate company based out of Portland.


This icy/snowy day was spend most cozily with dear friends, snuggled up in bed together listening to episodes of This American Life… these times are the ones so dear to me.

I’m sure this is quite enough for this week, although there is always more to tell! Have no fear, my friends. You can always send me an email to discuss ideas for phrases to put on your valentines, the joys of belting “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” with friends, or the unpleasant lip-chapping that comes with catching snowflakes on your tongue.

11 February 2009