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Quick update this week; I’ll have a video post next week for sure.  I’ve been studying and such.  It was my 21st birthday on Monday.  I felt pretty sick (from actual sickness, not what you think) so I didn’t go to class, but I did some low-key visiting with a few friends in the evening.  My friends Lillie Mae and Dith baked me a 3-layer rainbow funfetti cake, which was delicious and way too big.  In the evening, I went to the bar/arcade (”barcade,” if you will) Ground Kontrol with my pals Nick and Amy.  Since I don’t drink (actually the truth, not just for the sake of the admissions blog), turning 21 basically just means that I can finally go to cool places and watch good concerts without having to worry about age/time restrictions.  So, we had a fun time at the arcade for a few hours, playing plenty of classics (classics for me, anyway) like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz and Dance Dance Revolution.

This week on campus, the Slam Poetry club is hosting three events; on Tuesday and Thursday there are student slam competitions, and on Wednesday Lewis and Clark is host to the Spilljoy Ensemble Tour, which promises to be an exciting and well-attended event.  It’s been getting a lot of positive buzz around campus this week.

I’ve been working on planning Casino Night.  Traditionally, Lewis and Clark has an evening during which professors deal and operate casino games for the students.  We gamble with fake money and at the end of the night we can spend the money for raffle tickets for some cool prizes (I think last year the prize was a Playstation with Rock Band).  A few years ago, the event would have a dance attached as well, and was a relatively large draw for students.  Two years ago, the dance was axed, and last year the event was scaled down even further for a number of reasons that are no longer relevant.  This year, we’ve basically tried to undo all that and go back to having a really awesome evening.  We’ve hired the DJ who did our Homecoming dance (by most accounts, including my own, he’s pretty solid) and have got a bunch of cool prizes lined up to be dispersed at the end of the night.  The only hangup I can see right now is that we’ve scheduled it for Valentine’s Day (don’t ask me).  So, assuming the date doesn’t ruin us, we should have a really fun party where we can interact with the faculty on a level that isn’t normally available for students.

Speaking of which, last weekend was Chinese Food and German Board Games night at my Computer Science professor’s house.  I think I’ve blogged about this before a bit, but he hosts a board game party for all of his students (and really, the entire math department) once a semester.  I attended with some of my computer science buddies and was pleasantly entertained by the likes of Galaxy Trucker, Settlers of Catan and 24/7.  One recommendation I have for you, regardless where you attend (or will attend) college: go to your professors’ social gatherings if you’re invited.  Not only is it usually a really fun time, it really strengthens the student-teacher relationship, plus I’m sure it doesn’t hurt for recommendations and such for a professor to know you in a capacity that’s not just as a student in the classroom.

I’m pretty excited about a plethora of good Portland concerts coming up: MDC, Defiance Ohio, Cave Singers, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Four Tet, and plenty more.  Being 21 means I can now get into venues like the Doug Fir, Holocene, Berbati’s Pan and Someday Lounge.  There are plenty of good all-ages venues in Portland, but, to be honest, there are a lot of 21+ shows here, and sometimes that can be frustrating for the younger LC students.

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11 February 2009