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it’s my Focus Hat

comic-ingMy schedule this semester is full of awkwardly-sized snatches of time. I can’t effectively do homework in those gaps, so I’ve taken to inking my comic in spare moments. As soon as Celia (my programming genius friend) has defeated her midterms at Portland State University, we will get the website up and running and I’ll actually begin posting strips on a semi-regular basis. This is my excited face!

button-makingI’ve also been collaging. Once Annika orders more button-making materials, I will magically turn my little collages into wearable buttons! This is the messiest our dorm room ever gets – when I’m in the midst of a sprawling round of button collaging. Other than our desks, which are post-apocalyptic, Yukiko and I keep things pretty orderly.

Maisha & familySaturday was my mom’s birthday, so I invited her out to dinner to celebrate. My mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and I ate at Old Wives Tales downtown. The place has an overwhelming menu and tons of alternative food options: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, whole grains… I had an Indian Burrito (it was filled with dhal!) and Almond Raspberry Crepes, but my highest recommendation is the Hungarian Mushroom Soup because it is pretty much religion in a bowl. Yeah, that good. I brought my family to my dorm room after dinner to meet my roommate.

Alex facilitating termsI might be coming down with a minor cold, so I’m warding it off by overdosing on Echinacea and Emergen-C. I do believe in placebos, I do, I do! So far, it’s working pretty well. Although staying up until 4:30am on Saturday night wrestling with Racism & Privilege journal entries was probably not the wisest move. But I was behind, and when better to catch up on homework than the weekend? Last class, Alex facilitated our discussion about terms and definitions. In light of our discussion, I need to tack a Take Two to my journal entry that responds to the question “Am I a racist?”

I have discovered a new technique for forcing myself to finish essays: bribing myself with mango sorbet. On Sunday night I was sitting on Gabe’s floor with my laptop balanced on my knees, poddling around the internet instead of composing my essay for Judaism, when Riya suggested a Maggie’s Café run in an hour. “The only condition,” she informed me, “is that you have to be finished with your essay by ten.” So I disabled wireless, donned one of Gabe’s beanies (”It’s my Focus Hat,” I explained, “and it’s too tight for me.”), planted earphones in my ears, and knocked out that last page and a half in 45 minutes. Mango sorbet for the win! Incidentally, I am most productive when a combination of Celtic jigs and vaguely French instrumental music pours directly into my ears loudly enough to white out the noises of people talking nearby.

On Sunday, Claire and I caught the Raz to downtown and went and saw Apollo, a three-and-a-half-hour play at Portland Center Stage. I heard about it initially from one of my professors, who emailed the whole class to recommend seeing it. It was a really good production. Very cathartic, as Claire remarked. It had a lot of really crazy lighting and sound effects, and everything was drenched in historical and psychological symbolism. Very avant-garde. We both enjoyed it a lot. Afterward, we walked down to the waterfront and Claire guinea pigged for me so that I could practice performing one of my poems to an audience before Nat Quals (which begin tomorrow! Eep!). It would be so wicked to make the team.

My inbox is lonely without your emails! Fire one my direction, All inquiries and thoughts happily received.

9 February 2009