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Oh technology…

Not much new to report since my last post. I soaked my phone in water on accident, making my broken phone count up to two in the past couple of months. It’s an unfortunate event, and it made me realize how dependent I am upon my cell phone. I have also begun to reconsider whether the convenience factor is worth all the trouble they cause.

On the rowing front, things are going quite well. We’re finally out on the water…oh the joy! Unfortunately the cost of this is some frozen limbs post-row, but it’s worth it to finally get back into a boat. Also, because of new class schedules our coach was able to schedule a new practice routine for us, including a later wake up time and the entire practice being well lit, which is a plus for everyone involved. Though I am currently in a war with most of my personal pieces of technology, there is one piece of equipment that I have recently accepted with open arms. The crew team is now in possession of an HD video camera, which we previewed the results of after practice on Monday. The quality of our video is infinitely better, leading to better on land analysis and translating into better technique on the water. All in all, I’m very happy it’s now the spring crew season and things are looking very promising in the months to come.

Choir is also becoming one of my favorite activities. We met for our sectional last night and I feel that I’m getting so much better each time we meet. Our first concert is going to be next Thursday! I haven’t performed (musically) in front of an audience since piano recitals in elementary school, so this will be an exciting experience. We’re performing three pieces, one of which is in Serbian, so I’ve also been trying to memorize some new words this week. I think I’ve got it down though, so I’m really looking forward to our performance.

My roommate’s family is coming to visit this weekend. It will be fun to see them again, as well as meet her sister who lives in Austria. Doesn’t look like it will be too hectic the next week or so; looking happily to just work through my regular routine. As always, send me any questions or ponderings you may have: I’m really good at responding to emails!

Until next time,

4 February 2009