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Switching my sandals to boots!!!

Trying to get back into the swing of things

It’s much harder to actually do it than just say it of course. Thankfully I’m enjoying my classes so far, which is a huge plus coming from such a difficult semester in the fall. I’m beginning to take those classes mandatory to complete my major and I can’t help but feel excited. I know I still have quite a long way to go, but I always get excited thinking about my future; and they’re so many thing I’d like to pursue after College it’s almost impossible to not feel the least bit antsy about it all.

I’m still trying to get used to being in Oregon once again….:( Simply because of the weather…. I do miss the sun a whole lot as I do my family and friends back home but I really have become too enthralled with my classes to even really notice. I’ve also been working on my application to go overseas in the spring of 09” to LONDON!!!! It took some convincing my mother since in her view I am already technically studying overseas and London is one of the most expensive cities to live in… but it also is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if I do get into the program (keep your fingers crossed) I will make it worth my parent’s worth. So a lot of my time has been spent trying to get back into the swing of things and prepare for my next move.

I realized the other day that most of my classes with the exception of French are all 300 hundred level classes, so much more focus is needed than I would previously give to my courses. There are a lot of events to look forward to this semester, my roommate is starring in the main stage play “The Blue Room” and I’m really excited to see her in action. The international fair is this semester as well as many other exciting events. So lots to do but not enough time to do it… I’ll catch up with you all next week…

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29 January 2009