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getting back in the routine

So, I’m back at school.  We started classes last Tuesday (though I think most of us skipped our morning classes to watch the inauguration on the huge screen in Council Chambers).  This semester I’m taking quite a few computer-y courses, plus two others: Artificial Intelligence (CS 369), Algorithms (CS 383), Statistics (Math 255), Seminar: Biblical Studies–Jesus (RELS 450) and Bowling (PE 101-10).  So far they’ve all been really fun and interesting (though the Religious Studies one is going to be a lot of work, I can already tell).

I made a short video about the apartment where I’ll be living this semester:

I really like that I’m able to, as a Computer Science major, take high-level courses in other fields (like Religious Studies), without having to worry that it might affect my graduation date and such.  There are certainly advantages to studies more directed in one area, but, in my opinion, it’s nice to be able to dabble liberal arts style.Board games!

It’s been snowing a lot (for here) this winter.  Not only was our finals schedule all messed up because of snow closures, but we’ve had a fair amount of snow since returning from break. Tuesday, I was supposed to have my first Bowling class, but once I got to the bowling alley, we found out that the coach had called and canceled for the day (yeah, it would have been nice to know *before* I risked life and limb to get there, but it was okay–we bowled a few games since we were there anyway).Snow as seen from Manzanita

I’m sure I’ll have more to note when things pick up in the coming weeks.  Right now I’m just sort of settling and getting used to the changes that come with a new semester.

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29 January 2009