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Presently, I’m sitting on my suitcase at the Airport in Fort Lauderdale waiting to officially leave the United States. However, not to my surprise my flight has been delayed once again and of course I perform my routine moment of hysterics where I find myself on the verge of bursting into tears.  When I think about it now I can start laughing about it (so you may do so as well) especially since this always happens to me; so you’d think I would have become accustomed to it right??…. Wrong, I still always get flustered and upset whenever it does happen to me. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of hours I travel.

Now I know travelling to Kingston is no Tokyo but it does take a toll on you when you’ve been flying from state to state, with a connection here, a connection there, a delay here a delay there… You get the picture… So after a phone conversation with my mother, where I vowed never to take Air Jamaica ever again (trust me I probably will), I have managed to calm down a little bit.  And as a method to cope I sit thinking about the tonnes of fun I actually had this semester. So far, I think the most major difference between being a sophomore and a freshmen is the “been there, done that” factor. I didn’t have the excitement of a freshman this semester but I did have the passion of a sophomore. Meaning, I wasn’t thrilled about the “newness” of LC but more the ability to pursue my own personal goals, which makes me excited about the future years ahead. Well, I love being a part of monumental moments in history and this semester was full of them.

Ok besides Obama winning the presidential election, there really weren’t any others, but a lot of finals were cancelled this semester; where a number of students either had take homes or had the option to stick with their current grades or do the re-sit in January. I don’ t know when last that happened but unlucky me actually had to take all of her finals. This past Sunday before I left campus it was tremendously gorgeous, we had our first and hopefully not last snow day; where most of it was spent playing games (as usual), watching TV, partially studying and drinking hot chocolate… I know… It was snowing… Hey I said it was pretty, but I’m not a snow person; I’ve lived on an a “Tropical Island” as it’s called for my entire life… However, that is just me but I know a lot of students enjoy the snow, especially the ones from Wisconsin, Chicago, Minnesota etc. It makes them feel more at home during the winter to have a little taste of home. And the school does cater to our “snowy” needs, the Outdoors Department at LC offers a weekly shuttle up to Mount Hood at an affordable cost, so if you’re really into snow… you have the option to travel up to Mount Hood on the weekends to snowboard, ski ,fly etc.

As this is my last entry for the semester, I hope my devout readers (if there are any out there) have enjoyed my stories for this semester. If there’s anything you truly wish to know more about I can probably provide that answer, so ALWAYS feel free to shoot me an email. I know next semester is crunch time for College Applications, so take your time to review each and everyone, most times you know which school is the best fit for you. If you find yourself on the website frequently just trying to find out what’s up… You’re probably hooked… If you’re an international student like myself and you find yourself going “Aww I love Brian, Greg and Carolyn, they’re so helpful”…. You’re not alone and the fact that you’re interested in asking questions is a good thing. Lewis & Clark loves diversity so the more the merrier.

Now even though my flight is not ready to depart, I am going to go find some bad airport food to munch on. So have a great winter break everyone… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza. If I left out any other special ones… I mean you too… OH and HAVE AN AWESOME NEW YEAR!!! ( I love new year’s)… I’ll be back in January with a new entry…


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27 December 2008