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Oh baby baby it’s a wild world

Is it possible to become claustrophobic in one’s own mind? Only during finals week, my friends. Today is the first of the two reading days, and my cranial walls are slowly caving in. I have four finals, ending on Tuesday, for E&D, French, Anthropology, and Acting. I am trying to keep my cool. After Tuesday, I will be free- and on Thursday I finally get to go HOME!

In the week leading up to now, I have managed to have a bit of fun to tie me over. Over the weekend, some friends and I had a cozy night in. We built a fort, drank hot chocolate, listened to music, and made snowflakes to decorate our rooms. Last night, my friend Emma and I went to the A Capella concert, or “A Cabrella”, since the concert umbrella’d all three groups. The performers are always impressive and the house was packed! Then we celebrated the semester with some friends before having to buckle down for the next 5 days. pic1pic2pic3pic4

I can’t wait to be home in my golden California. I haven’t been home all semester, and I really miss my friends and family. Plus, it will be nice to get a break from living in close quarters with a hundred other people. Reading days are supposedly “24-hour quiet hours” but apparently some people in the hall haven’t gotten the memo, or just don’t care. Therefore, I have basically set up camp in the library for the duration of finals. There is at least one thing to lift my spirits in the sludge of the academic bog: it’s forecasted to snow on Sunday! I totally have my hopes up now, so I better not be disappointed. From what I hear, campus and downtown (which is decorated in thousands of LED lights and ginormous tenenbaums!) are absolutely magical when blanketed in fresh snow. Joy!

I hope that the next week finds you all well. If you find a moment, send me your positive vibes… Or email me! I’m dying to hear about snow (love/hate?), holiday plans, or recipes for delicious (vegetarian) study break snacks.

P.S. Ay dios mio! I forgot that this is the last post! I hope you have enjoyed or at least tolerated my posts. Stay in touch, and keep reading. Much love.

11 December 2008