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Keep On The Sunny Side

As I sit here at my desk eating Red Vines, I think back on all I have learned (or didn’t learn) over this semester. I feel like my brain might explode from all the philosophical theories, French verbs and significant religious dates. Today and tomorrow are devoted to getting all the mush upstairs turned into a coherent and organized train of thought, which I will then turn around and spit back out into a couple of blue books. Feels to be a daunting task, but I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again. It’s all a matter of getting down to business and focusing in.

On the bright side, my extracurriculars have been a fantastic distraction! Today was the SAAC sponsored Annual Dodgeball Tournament. We had such a great turn out of teams, and the champions of the day were, not surprisingly, the team of coaches! They fought hard through hours of a double-elimination tournament and in the end were victorious. Simultaneously accross the gym, SAAC hosted the first annual athletics Garage Sale. We asked coaches to donate anything that they no longer needed for the sale, and boy did they deliver. Myself and the SAAC co-chair spent the past week collecting and inventorying over 900 items! I would have to say that this was the most successful combination of events that I’ve seen since I’ve been at L&C. Perfectly timed for the holidays, there were tons of students and staff who showed up to peruse through tables of old gear; some of it was even from the late 80’s! The money that we made from the event will be split: some goes to SAAC for funding future events, and the other portion will be added to our coin drive. At last night’s end of the semester SAAC meeting we voted on our coin drive money being donated to the local Boys & Girls Club. We worked with them for the carnival and hope to continue to keep the connection up in the future. By donating our proceeds to them, we’re spreading the good name of L&C in our community, while also supporting a really fantastic group! Check out the athletics and SAAC websites for more details and pictures from these events and more!

Well, my Red Vines are dwindling and I can hear my notebooks calling at me to be reviewed. This is my last post of the semester but I will be back again in January, fresh off a lovely month long break of relaxation!! After Tuesday I will have days on end to answer any emails sent my way. So if you’re reading this and feel like hearing more about L&C or anything I’ve talking about, feel free to email me at Happy Holidays!!

Until Next Year,

11 December 2008