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winding down, eventually

Well, finals are around the corner and most people are a bit stressed. That being said, the next few days are designated “reading days,” which basically means they’re free days meant for studying, meeting with professors, finishing up class projects or papers, etc.  Some people treat them as free party-before-finals days, though, so I’m sure Thursday and Friday will be interesting.  It’s always an interesting situation, seeing some people having a great time all day and night, and then others with no choice but to study for 2 days straight.  Anyway, I hope everyone gets done whatever they need in order to have a successful semester.

I’m really looking forward to going home.  I definitely want a break from LC for awhile (I like Portland, but I miss my cats, family, and home friends).  I’m just ready to be done until January.  I’ve decided to stop being a CLA (RA) for the Spring, and I’ll be living in the apartments with my Computer Science/World of Warcraft buddy Seth.  I haven’t lived with a roommate since early November of 2006, so I’ll have to get used to some changes.  I’m  expecting it to be awesome, though.

There is a crazy amount of last-minute-of-the-semester events going on.  Tonight is when 24-hour quiet hours start in the dorms (and technically the whole campus), so there can’t really be any loud events after today.  Since that’s the case, there are Directing class final scenes, an a capella show, an improv show, a student concert, a metal show, and (I think) one or two other events all happening tonight at roughly the same time.  It is going to be hectic!

See you all in January!Dreadlock flyer

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10 December 2008