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Final Stretch

One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving this year is that it came at the perfect time. As of today I only have two more weeks on campus until I leave to go back home! Unfortunately it’s also the last two weeks I have with my roomie because she is heading off on the L&C London trip this spring. There is also much to do between now and then. We’re starting to wrap things up in most of my classes; final reading assignments given, term papers starting to be due, etc. Tonight there is a student-athlete mentor/mentee “study break”. We are going to all gather together and give study pointers to our overwhelmed little freshmen mentees, as well as enjoy some fabulous root beer floats! Lewis & Clark does an especially excellent job of providing resources for students who need help academically. There are various centers and groups to help tutor or give advice, along with all of the profs (at least all of mine) available to help with one-on-one issues. I feel like this idea gets promoted quite a bit, but it really is true that you’re not just a number in a system when you go to a small liberal arts school. You can choose to not reach out if you don’t feel you need it, but having all these resources available is immensely helpful either way.

Since I don’t like to dwell on my impending and very nearly mountainous schoolwork, I will recap my lovely Thanksgiving break. On Wednesday after class my roommate, two friends and I left school for our trip home to Seattle. An hour and twenty minutes later, we crossed the border into Washington. Rush hour is not so great, but we had some good mixes of music to listen to in order to kill time. Pictures from the drive: DrivingI-5 North; Portland168 miles; My little sister was spending the holiday in NYC, so my friend (adopted for the weekend) and I had the lovely task of driving her to the airport Thursday morning at 4:30am. Needless to say, there was much napping once we go back to my house. Mostly all of the extended family was packed into our house for the holiday (including an adorable new baby!!) and it was such a fun day! I am a fan of almost all foods Thanksgiving, so I especially enjoyed the whole eating part. It was sad to leave everyone and come back to school, but with such little time between now and the end of the semester I think it will be easy enough to handle.

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3 December 2008