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Thanksgiving…. Finals… Winter Break… Jamaica

As a sophomore I don’t think I appreciate the whole going home for break process like I did when I was a freshmen. I am excited of course… I literally cannot wait to be back in my WARM bed and spend time with all those oh so special people. But at the same time, I guess when I came back in the fall I wasn’t as eager to go back home. I think it has a lot to do with the friendships I’ve developed here as well, it is hard to leave my friends here too, since in fact they’ve become my family away from home. At least I won’t be seeing them for only a month whereas I separated from my family for 8 months out of the entire year. I don’t know why I always start off my posts with little notes like these =).. I guess it’s always what comes to mind first. However I do have details about my very quiet Thanksgiving break to tell…5.jpg

This year I opted not to my friend Kaitlin’s to experience all of the festivities, instead my Jamaican counterparts =) were having a Jamaican Thanksgiving dinnner. Ok first just to let you know, Jamaicans do not celebrate Thanksgiving it is indeed an American Holiday well I think Canada does as well but a bit earlier on in the year. Anywho… My friends decided to cook for the day and instead of having the traditional turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie, cidar, stuffing and cranberry dinner (which is really really good), we decided to have a little taste of home. They cooked up a storm, which included fried chicken, fritters, rice and peas (that I made), jerked chicken, potato salad, fried dumplings, plantains, curried shrimp and of course a salad on the side and believe me when I say it was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! It definitely reminded me a lot of the food I was missing from home… but soon enough.. soon enough… While cooking we listened to a lot of dancehall and reggae songs that I haven’t heard in so long. Songs that I forgot existed, thanks to Rhea’s IPOD. All in all it was a nice small little gathering and although it made me partially homesick it made me happy at the same time.1.jpg

The rest of my break was spent watching abc shows (I’m addicted) and spending a lot of time in my friends Mari and Rainer’s apartment. I have become a real low key person, this year, not that that’s a bad thing, I mean I’m still the loud Talitha, but I’m more laid back I think (maybe others would disagree)…Unfortunately I was unable to go Black Friday shopping, which really had me down… But I will get my revenge right before I leave for break.2.jpg

As for finals… I’m not thinking about them… Ok I am every single second of the day and I am sooooo good at procrastinating. Honestly, if I had one wish as it relates to my school work, I wish I was unable to procrastinate.4.jpg I really am too good at it, so with that thought I shall prepare for one of my last classes in COMM 260.. Thank God for that!!! 3.jpg

P.S I put only food pics up purposely.. Hope you like =)

Peace & Love boys and girls =)


2 December 2008