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Post Thanksgiving, Pre Finals

It has begun: crunch-time here at Lewis & Clark College.  All the shenanigans and buffoonery have halted for the time being… well for the most part, because this week and the next are the last two weeks of classes.  This is both very exciting and very stressful because there are a plethora of papers, lab reports and art projects due within a very short amount of time.  This is the moment in my collegiate life when I say to myself, “Aha!  Maybe procrastination was not the best thing for me,” and/or, “Oh damn!  That Ivy lab report is due tomorrow?!!”  I think in the next few weeks it will be best for me to keep a level head and drink lots of coffee.
On a happier note, last week was Thanksgiving (partially the reason I didn’t post last Wednesday).  I hopped on a plane, and in an hour and a half I was down in sunny San Francisco.  SF is such a sweet city, but compared to Portland it’s a huge wild and crazy city full of new and sometimes frightening things, well in my mind at least.  I met up with my best friend from home Malcolm.  His pop flew out from Maine and cooked us some good ol’ Maine grub.  Sort of.  I also met up with my aunt and uncle who live there and another uncle who is a pilot and was laying over in the city for the holiday.  I had such a good time, but it was nice to come back to Portland. San Francisco, more
Well folks, finals are right around the corner; Oh the papers I’ll write, the exams I’ll take.  I guess this is when the fun really starts.

Lets catch up in a little, shall we?

1 December 2008