December 2008


Presently, I’m sitting on my suitcase at the Airport in Fort Lauderdale waiting to officially leave the United States. However, not to my surprise my flight has been delayed once again and of course I perform my routine moment of hysterics where I find myself on the verge of bursting into tears.  When I think about it now I can start laughing about it (so you may do so as well) especially since this always happens to me; so you’d think I would have become accustomed to it right??…. Wrong, I still always get flustered and upset whenever it does happen to me. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of hours I travel.

Now I know travelling to Kingston is no Tokyo but it does take a toll on you when you’ve been flying from state to state, with a connection here, a connection there, a delay here a delay there… You get the picture… So after a phone conversation with my mother, where I vowed never to take Air Jamaica ever again (trust me I probably will), I have managed to calm down a little bit.  And as a method to cope I sit thinking about the tonnes of fun I actually had this semester. So far, I think the most major difference between being a sophomore and a freshmen is the “been there, done that” factor. I didn’t have the excitement of a freshman this semester but I did have the passion of a sophomore. Meaning, I wasn’t thrilled about the “newness” of LC but more the ability to pursue my own personal goals, which makes me excited about the future years ahead. Well, I love being a part of monumental moments in history and this semester was full of them.

Ok besides Obama winning the presidential election, there really weren’t any others, but a lot of finals were cancelled this semester; where a number of students either had take homes or had the option to stick with their current grades or do the re-sit in January. I don’ t know when last that happened but unlucky me actually had to take all of her finals. This past Sunday before I left campus it was tremendously gorgeous, we had our first and hopefully not last snow day; where most of it was spent playing games (as usual), watching TV, partially studying and drinking hot chocolate… I know… It was snowing… Hey I said it was pretty, but I’m not a snow person; I’ve lived on an a “Tropical Island” as it’s called for my entire life… However, that is just me but I know a lot of students enjoy the snow, especially the ones from Wisconsin, Chicago, Minnesota etc. It makes them feel more at home during the winter to have a little taste of home. And the school does cater to our “snowy” needs, the Outdoors Department at LC offers a weekly shuttle up to Mount Hood at an affordable cost, so if you’re really into snow… you have the option to travel up to Mount Hood on the weekends to snowboard, ski ,fly etc.

As this is my last entry for the semester, I hope my devout readers (if there are any out there) have enjoyed my stories for this semester. If there’s anything you truly wish to know more about I can probably provide that answer, so ALWAYS feel free to shoot me an email. I know next semester is crunch time for College Applications, so take your time to review each and everyone, most times you know which school is the best fit for you. If you find yourself on the website frequently just trying to find out what’s up… You’re probably hooked… If you’re an international student like myself and you find yourself going “Aww I love Brian, Greg and Carolyn, they’re so helpful”…. You’re not alone and the fact that you’re interested in asking questions is a good thing. Lewis & Clark loves diversity so the more the merrier.

Now even though my flight is not ready to depart, I am going to go find some bad airport food to munch on. So have a great winter break everyone… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza. If I left out any other special ones… I mean you too… OH and HAVE AN AWESOME NEW YEAR!!! ( I love new year’s)… I’ll be back in January with a new entry…


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27 December 2008

woke up to this


That is all.

14 December 2008

Keep On The Sunny Side

As I sit here at my desk eating Red Vines, I think back on all I have learned (or didn’t learn) over this semester. I feel like my brain might explode from all the philosophical theories, French verbs and significant religious dates. Today and tomorrow are devoted to getting all the mush upstairs turned into a coherent and organized train of thought, which I will then turn around and spit back out into a couple of blue books. Feels to be a daunting task, but I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again. It’s all a matter of getting down to business and focusing in.

On the bright side, my extracurriculars have been a fantastic distraction! Today was the SAAC sponsored Annual Dodgeball Tournament. We had such a great turn out of teams, and the champions of the day were, not surprisingly, the team of coaches! They fought hard through hours of a double-elimination tournament and in the end were victorious. Simultaneously accross the gym, SAAC hosted the first annual athletics Garage Sale. We asked coaches to donate anything that they no longer needed for the sale, and boy did they deliver. Myself and the SAAC co-chair spent the past week collecting and inventorying over 900 items! I would have to say that this was the most successful combination of events that I’ve seen since I’ve been at L&C. Perfectly timed for the holidays, there were tons of students and staff who showed up to peruse through tables of old gear; some of it was even from the late 80’s! The money that we made from the event will be split: some goes to SAAC for funding future events, and the other portion will be added to our coin drive. At last night’s end of the semester SAAC meeting we voted on our coin drive money being donated to the local Boys & Girls Club. We worked with them for the carnival and hope to continue to keep the connection up in the future. By donating our proceeds to them, we’re spreading the good name of L&C in our community, while also supporting a really fantastic group! Check out the athletics and SAAC websites for more details and pictures from these events and more!

Well, my Red Vines are dwindling and I can hear my notebooks calling at me to be reviewed. This is my last post of the semester but I will be back again in January, fresh off a lovely month long break of relaxation!! After Tuesday I will have days on end to answer any emails sent my way. So if you’re reading this and feel like hearing more about L&C or anything I’ve talking about, feel free to email me at Happy Holidays!!

Until Next Year,

11 December 2008

Oh baby baby it’s a wild world

Is it possible to become claustrophobic in one’s own mind? Only during finals week, my friends. Today is the first of the two reading days, and my cranial walls are slowly caving in. I have four finals, ending on Tuesday, for E&D, French, Anthropology, and Acting. I am trying to keep my cool. After Tuesday, I will be free- and on Thursday I finally get to go HOME!

In the week leading up to now, I have managed to have a bit of fun to tie me over. Over the weekend, some friends and I had a cozy night in. We built a fort, drank hot chocolate, listened to music, and made snowflakes to decorate our rooms. Last night, my friend Emma and I went to the A Capella concert, or “A Cabrella”, since the concert umbrella’d all three groups. The performers are always impressive and the house was packed! Then we celebrated the semester with some friends before having to buckle down for the next 5 days. pic1pic2pic3pic4

I can’t wait to be home in my golden California. I haven’t been home all semester, and I really miss my friends and family. Plus, it will be nice to get a break from living in close quarters with a hundred other people. Reading days are supposedly “24-hour quiet hours” but apparently some people in the hall haven’t gotten the memo, or just don’t care. Therefore, I have basically set up camp in the library for the duration of finals. There is at least one thing to lift my spirits in the sludge of the academic bog: it’s forecasted to snow on Sunday! I totally have my hopes up now, so I better not be disappointed. From what I hear, campus and downtown (which is decorated in thousands of LED lights and ginormous tenenbaums!) are absolutely magical when blanketed in fresh snow. Joy!

I hope that the next week finds you all well. If you find a moment, send me your positive vibes… Or email me! I’m dying to hear about snow (love/hate?), holiday plans, or recipes for delicious (vegetarian) study break snacks.

P.S. Ay dios mio! I forgot that this is the last post! I hope you have enjoyed or at least tolerated my posts. Stay in touch, and keep reading. Much love.

11 December 2008

final post

Well it’s finally arrived: the final post.  It had to happen eventually.  It’s been a fun ol’ time writing for yall.  Oh the memories we share now.  All the good times we can look back on together.  Lewis and Clark in the past week or so has been a hustle and bustle of frantic students writing final papers and studying for final exams.  I spent 11 hours in the photography studio to finish up my portfolio.  I took my first final exam the other day, and it wasn’t that bad.  Spent a good deal of time in the library the night before preparing, and things went rather smoothly when it was time to take the test.
Classes are over now, which is spectacular!  It was like a tremendous weight had been lifted off of my shoulders at 3:00 today when I got out of my final class.  Oh I never mentioned that I got a job.  I work for the ceramic and sculpture studios.  These are tight places to work.  If you’re in either of the classes and work there you can pretty much do your own work and get paid for it.  I’ve been putting in a lot of hours lately because it’s the end of the term and everyone is firing his or her work.  But like I said, classes are finally over, and all I have left are two finals.
Ill be heading out to Maine in a week, and I am so pumped!  It’s going to be so nice to be back with all my homies.  However I know after a few days back home I’m going to miss all my friends out here.  Regardless spring semester is right around the corner.  I’m signed up for a Wilderness First Responder course with some really awesome kids, so that should be hella fun.  I’ve got a pretty good schedule for next semester as well, so I’ll be looking forward to getting back to school.
Hope you all enjoyed reading what I had to say.
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10 December 2008