November 2008

Lazy Week

Not too much happened this week in my blog world.  This week is one of the first in a while that I didn’t have any exams to take or papers due.  Smooth sailing for me… next week however will be very academically stressful.  There will be all sorts of fun papers and exams due next week.  I guess that’s the whole deal with college.
I am a little nervous this week; my flex points are running low.  Flex points are like L&C monopoly money.  You can buy a certain number of flex points when you purchase your meal plan.  You can then spend them on all sorts of things at Maggie’s or the Dovecote.  Maggie’s is a little supermarket/coffee shop.  Its nice to be able to go and grab a burrito and some Kombucha whenever you want—well whenever before midnight.  The Dovecote is a little coffee shop down in the academic part of campus that sells various candies and snacks and coffee as well.  It’s bumpin’ in between classes, everyone’s trying to get some nourishments before their next class.  This week I found out that I’m down to my last few flex points!  This is devastating news for me, this means I will need to start paying in cash for any treats I want. n1479420087_30142155_5013.jpg
I went to a great show this week, that’s right it was the Old Crow Medicine Show.n1479420087_30142087_9056.jpg  Those boys played their hearts out last night!  It had to be one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while.  It was a great week for me, however next week is only a few days away and its time for me to stop relaxing and begin to study wicked hard!

Until next time.

13 November 2008

rain, rain, rain

This past weekend I went with my fellow Platt-Howard CLAs to a retreat in a cabin near Hood River.  We did a little bit of work, but we mostly spent the time eating, sleeping, and visiting by the fireplace.  It was a much-needed break from the hectic weeks I’ve been having in my classes. Platt-Howard staff retreat   Platt-Howard staff retreat

Back at LC, Activities Congress is scrambling to get the Fall Ball dance to go smoothly.  Historically, we’ve had a Homecoming dance that coincided with Homecoming week.  This year, for a number of reasons (the most pertinent being that the venue we wanted–McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom–wasn’t available until this late in the fall)   We’ve been selling tickets at lunch and dinner, and have been in frequent contact with the venue, the student volunteers, the staff volunteers, the security, the bus company, etc.  It’s going to be a huge logistical marvel if/when it all comes together smoothly.

Tomorrow is a student art contest in the Platteau art center in Platt West.  There’s gonna be live student music, student art, refreshments, and all sorts of good times.

Midterms are mostly done, so that’s a good thing.  It has begun to rain every day, though.  I actually really like it, but I think some people are getting a bit stir-crazy after about a week of pretty solid precipitation.

now playing in my ears: “Illinois” by Sufjan Stevens

12 November 2008

It’s COLD… In my opinion that is!!!

This week has gotten off to a pretty good start, my work load is not as difficult as it was last week so I can actually take a breather for a couple of days. I honestly haven’t been up to much; I’ve been trying to take it easy and relax a bit but with working part time and my studies I don’t seem to have much time to do that. I had a very low key weekend; I spent most of it watching movies with my friends. On Friday, Lewis and Clark played a volleyball game against Pacific and we won, so that was really exciting to see first hand, plus it was there last home game.

I really wanted to go see the showing of “Urinetown”, but unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to do so. I  love the theatre department at LC and I’ve been able to watch most of the events they’ve held since I started going here and I’m happy to say that I have never been disappointed once. I mean I’m not much of a theatre critic but it is hard to please me sometimes when it comes to performances and movies but the students at LC are extremely talented. There is another showing this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to watch it then.

I register for Spring semester on Thursday and I’m really happy with my classes. I’m a Communications major so I do try to do as many COMM classes as possible even when I don’t have to; but I guess I’ve gotten past the stage where I wanted to explore different curriculum that the school has to offer. I’m probably just a little bit too passionate about my major.. maybe?? However, I do love the fact that if I wanted to, the option of trying different classes is always open to me. That’s another reason I chose LC; for the liberal arts education and I’ve never regretted that decision. I’ve learned many different modules from each class I’ve taken that though may not necessarily relate to my major, they’ve aided in the development of how I approach the thinking process. But for once I knew which classes I wanted to take and I think my adviser was very proud of me for making one. N.B never go to your adviser without a list.. it may cause problems and take up way too much time. I only hope I’ll be able to get into all of them.

Well I must part once again, I will be back next week with what I hope will be a more detailed blog. I’ve just been out of it all week and I’ve been trying to keep it low key. This weekend is fall ball, so I should have pics galore and fun stories.

Have a great week… and don’t forget to email .. that’s ME!!! =)

12 November 2008

The ABCs of Activities.

I realized today that there is too much alphabet soup on this campus. In an effort to make speaking and writing more convenient, we have shortened everything down to just a few letters. But I happen to be a proud member of one of these groups, and my letters are SAAC. This stands for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and it is made up of at least two representatives from each of our 19 varsity sports. I represent the women’s crew team, obviously, but I am also the group’s secretary. Basically my jobs include taking meeting minutes, sending out emails and updating our fabulous SAAC website. We act as the liaison between student-athletes and everyone else, as well as put on events throughout the year. We have a dodgeball tournament, host BBQs at football and soccer games, and put on a community outreach event, among other things.

I believe that it is an important part of being a student to get involved in anything you can. There are so many groups on campus that provide these opportunities that pretty much any interest is covered, and I haven’t done this but I’m pretty sure it’s relatively easy to start your own group too! One piece of sage advice that I would give new students: GET INVOLVED! Whatever it is that you want to do, it is way more fun when you do it with a group of people. It may seem lame or scary or whatever at first, but in retrospect you’ll regret not joining in. I got hooked into SAAC last year with the promise of free pizza every two weeks. As an athlete (or even as a college student in general) how could I pass that up? I’m now an integral part of the group and spend a lot of my time helping plan the fall carnival for our community outreach event. As scary as this sounds, I sometimes even have dreams about it…..maybe I’m too involved? Either way, it’s something that I enjoy putting time into and it has made this year much more hectic but also much more fun!

At this point I’m in a lull schoolwork-wise but there’s still the impending doom of term papers, tests and then…….dun dun dun FINALS! Seems crazy that the time has just flown by and we’re almost halfway through the year. I can’t wait to see what the spring will bring, but right now I’m just focused on Thanksgiving break. We’re adopting one of my friends for the weekend and a bunch of my family members are coming into town. It’ll be interesting to see how we’re going to fit 14 of us (plus one baby) into the dining room. It’s going to be great! Until then, though, I’ve got about two weeks ahead of me filled with plans and homework. Despite the lovely rain and grey weather, I’m attempting to keep a positive attitude about it all.


11 November 2008

Greetings from Glasgow!

Nine weeks have passed since I arrived in Scotland at the end of August. It is surprising to think that this means I am roughly at the halfway point of my adventure! So far my experiences here have been just wonderful. I will try to write a summary of what has happened until the beginning of November, and then attempt to post stories at least weekly!

I started my semester abroad with a brief trip to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. In September I moved into my flat just near the University of Glasgow. By this time most of the Lewis & Clark students on my program had arrived as well. We then traveled together to the Highlands of Scotland for a delightful week before classes began. We were able to stay with a lovely family in the town of Glenelg, also called the ‘gateway to Skye’.

There are parts of the West End of Glasgow that remind me a lot of Portland, and some areas that feel even more urban. I am staying very close to the river Clyde, which runs through the city, and has really nice walking paths along both sides. The Clyde was once a significant source for trade and shipbuilding in the British Empire, but now it is mainly known for its modern draws, such as the Glasgow Science Centre and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. The BBC Scotland is also right on the river. At night there are lights on each bridge, all different colors, that reflect over the water. It makes for a really fun little study break walk, less than five minutes from my door!

This week I have been trying to spend more time on classes, but of course there are always good distractions in the city. I have Celtic tickets for this Saturday, which will be my first official ‘football’ match! Though, at this point in the semester, essay writing is a must, so Sunday will have to be a little more serious I suppose. But, I do enjoy the University library, all twelve floors! From the top, the views of the city are incredible! Kelvingrove Park is another one of my favorite quite spots nearby, and hopefully I can post pictures of a few of these highlights for you soon.

all the best,


7 November 2008