November 2008

my favorite hot chocolate machine is the one in the IT office.

I have a new video up!

As usual, I have been busy.  This past weekend was Fall Ball, the re-imagined homecoming dance.  It went extremely smoothly.  The Crystal Ballroom staff were so helpful and I think almost everyone had a good time.  The food was also amazing, at least for what it was.dith in a boxsomeone sitting on a stuffed dog chair in the bonme [poorly] djing a dance party

Due to stress (me? stressed?), quite a few of my various advisors/mentors/friends and I decided that I should drop one of my classes, so I did that.  I’m no longer enrolled in the Old Testament course; there was a lot of work that I just couldn’t handle at this point in time.  I worked out with the professor that I can still attend and participate in class, so that’s really good.  I just don’t have to worry about getting the papers done; I can just focus on learning cool stuff and spending the hard study time on some of my more important (as far as requirements are concerned) classes.  I’m just really glad that my prof is letting me attend the lectures still.  I love that class!  

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to going home to see my cats/family/friends.  That being said, I am a little bit bummed that I’m going to have to pass up eating a big dinner here on campus with some of my really close LC friends.  I’m sure we’ll all manage, though.  There’s plenty to do on campus during the short breaks.

On Friday, rock group Minus The Bear is playing a show on campus.  I intend for that to be a great time.

There has been a bit of skateboarding weather lately.  For the most part during the school year, the ground is damp and therefor not terribly great for skating.  Although there are plenty of leaves on the ground, there has been a recent dry spell, so I got to longboard around a little bit, which is always peaceful for me.  It was a nice change from trudging through puddles.

Now playing in my ears:  “Precious” by Depeche Mode

20 November 2008

It gets harder closer to the end!!!

Winter break is exactly four weeks away.. Yay!! Now I know most LC students are currently looking forward to the holiday much closer (Thanksgiving) because fortunately most of them get the opportunity to return home and spend time with their family and old friends. I on the other hand am not able to fly back to Jamaica for a long weekend; so instead I’m counting down the days until I arrive in Kingston for my very anticipated Winter Break. Until then I’m sure my professors will ensure that my thoughts are occupied by dishing out tonnes of assignments.

Last week LC had its multicultural Symposium , which was pretty interesting. Although I didn’t attend any of the info sessions last year three of my friends were taking part in the race monologues so I absolutely had to go see them… And it was truly amazing.. If and when you decide to attend LC I definitely recommend that you check out all the symposiums that we offer, you’ll learn some really interesting facts and open your level of understanding for a lot of different concepts.

This past weekend I managed to break free from the shackles of course work and have a little what I like to call “Tali Time”.  On Friday I end classes pretty earlier and decided to head downtown to do a bit of shopping .. (with the convenience of the RAZ shuttle of course)… I’m always surrounded by people and I love it that way but sometimes I think it’s necessary to take some time out and be by myself; and why way of doing this is spending money on things I probably shouldn’t get but for some reason it always makes me feel better. When I headed back to school, my friends and I just enjoyed a quiet movie night and watched Sex and the City… (which I didn’t think was that good at all)…But it was fun as always to just hang out with my friends especially when you have a Wam Wams and Zoo Zoos bag (Goody bag).

On Saturday, the very anticipated Fall Ball had arrived and I was particularly looking forward to it. I love dancing and just having a good time, so I was excited to be able to do so after a long tedious week of classes. Thankfully I was not disappointed by what the Activities Congress concocted. The music was right, the food was fantastic and when you’re with friends that you normally have a blast with, fun is practically inevitable.

Questions?? I have answers

Peace and Love People


20 November 2008

An Accordian And A Saxophone

It’s another typical fall day in Oregon: chilly and foggy. I don’t mind it too much though because I love being able to wear my warm and cozy clothes. You can tell that we’re moving into winter though because there are barely any leaves left on the trees these days. Luckily L&C is immersed in Evergreen trees, and they live up to their name quite nicely.

Saturday was the much anticipated Fall Ball. It was held at the Crystal Ballroom, which I had never been to before, but it was a fantastic venue for a dance because the floor bounces! Everyone agrees that it was so much better than OMSI last year. And most people love an excuse to get all dressed up, so that was fun too. I have some friends on Activities Congress and I know it was somewhat stressful to put it all together, but in the end they hosted a great event (Crowd of Dancers). My advice for those of you new to L&C is, even if you think you’re so over the whole school dance thing…nobody’s too cool for Fall Ball, and if you get your friends to go with you it’s a blast (Me and a friend).

Sunday was a homework day for me. I’ve had alot of little things to do on top of regular work, but it still feels like I’ve been having a pretty low key couple of weeks. Tonight I sign up for my last three classes for next semester. In my first round pick I got this really cool class called The Rock and Roll Novel. At least two of my other classes will be philosophy courses because I’m starting to finish up my major, but my last class is still a mystery to me – I’ll decide tonight based on whatever is available. Every year I make the mistake of finding a bunch of really interesting classes before registration, but they inevitably get chosen by people registering before me, so I usually end up with some unanticipated electives. It always works out just fine though, so I’m not worried in the least.

I thought I’d also share some fabulous news! I have been working with the school to get a non-L&C study abroad program approved, and since I’m going senior year, I also had to petition some graduation requirements. Well, I heard on Monday that everything has been approved and I get to go abroad!!!! I’ll be studying in Galway, Ireland for fall semester at the national university there. I’m so happy, I can’t even put it into words. It’s going to be fantastic!

Last little note: on Friday night I was working in my room and some guy was standing in the parking lot playing the saxophone. I thought it was a bit random, but he was pretty good so I was enjoying it. Then another guy comes along with his accordion. Before I knew it, they were playing together outside my window! I couldn’t help but laugh at such an odd occurrence and think that L&C is such a quirky school sometimes.

Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you want to hear more about these happenings or others:

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19 November 2008

A weekend away

I am headed to Melrose for the weekend! Melrose is a small historic town, in the Scottish Borders. As part of our Scottish Culture class, we are presenting final research projects, and visiting historical sites in the town, including the home of novelist Sir Walter Scott!           

It has been a busy week here in Glasgow, so I am excited to relax a little after the presentations and spend time outside the library.

On Wednesday night this week I was walking home, and I think I felt a few snowflakes! It has been very cold lately, and there is probably as much rain here as in Portland. I really hope we do get snow though; it would look so amazing and magical against all the old, elaborate buildings.

Because there is not all the Thanksgiving bustle here, Christmas has proudly made its way into the shops and in the city centre. It is fun to sort of compare how holidays are treated in a new place.  

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14 November 2008

“And the Beat Don’t Stop For Nothin…”

Today is Thursday November 13, which means… Thanksgiving is exactly two weeks away! With this thought comes immense excitement because I am totally ready for a break amidst all the academic madness, and because it will be so nice to take a little breather from the rain and gloom. But then subsequent thoughts of what these next two weeks will require in my classes- papers, projects, and tests tests tests- keep my brain from flying away too soon.


Again, I didn’t post on Wednesday this week because that’s when all the action was happening. So here it is…


This week has been the Multicultural Symposium at LC, offering workshops, panels, lectures, and an art show. The theme this year was “Landscapes of Migration” and a highlight was On Wednesday, my professor walked my whole Intro to Cultural Anthropology class down the street in the blustery weather to the Law School to hear Alter Wiener, a Holocaust survivor, tell his story. He has written a book entitled “From a Name to a Number: A Holocaust Survivor’s Autobiography”, but rather than promote it, he just stood in front of the packed room and told us his story. He lost his family at 13 and was enslaved in several camps until the age of eighteen when he was liberated. With no relatives alive to speak of, he made his way to New York and went to college. Mr. Wiener now lives in Portland at a ripe 82, where he spreads his message of hope and peace.  The humility and joy with which he spoke was truly heartbreaking and inspiring. To have endured so much physically and mentally and to live so long afterward and to truly LIVE! I felt so privileged to be a member of the last generation who will probably have such an opportunity to hear such a monumental story firsthand.


I also attended the Multicultural Symposium Art Show. Here are some pictures of student and local art:

 Art #1Art #2Art #3Art #4


Alright, so I bought tickets back in September to see Old Crow Medicine show at the Crystal Ballroom downtown and last night was the much anticipated night! I had wanted to see them for years and- thankfully- was not disappointed in the least. They put on such a phenomenal show- arguably the best I have been to in Portland yet! The Crystal Ballroom is, as the name suggests, an old ballroom with bouncy-ish floors. It has a very unique ambiance, due to the rows of vintage lightbulbs on the walls and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling… the excitement in the crowd manifested itself in a hum of conversations and singing and eager foot-stomping to the Elvis songs playing while we waited for the band to come onstage. Finally the OCMS boys took their instruments; a banjo, a fiddle, a harmonica, a guitar, and a steel guitar; the crowd was so full of energy, it was contagious! We danced and sang along and had a good ol’ time… the time came when the show was over but- much to my pleasure- would not hear it! We stomped on the ground and clapped our hands off and hooted and hollered (it totally could have been a scene from “Walk the Line”!!) and they came back on! They played a bluegrassified cover of Bob Marley’s “Soul Rebel”- it was so rad! Then they took their final bows and left the stage to uproarious applause. Wait a second- did I say final bow? After much more rioting, they came back for a second encore! This time they played an absolute favorite of mine, “Caroline,” a sweet song about long-time lovers. It was a sweet ending.n1479420087_30142083_175.jpgn1479420087_30142084_6938.jpgn1479420087_30142086_8352.jpgn1479420087_30142087_90561.jpgn1479420087_30142090_7875.jpg

Thank you for reading all this, if you did, in fact, read all this. Have a great weekend, all!

Send emails my way if you have a favorite encore story, are experiencing a sunny gap in grey weather, or your feelings on James Bond’s influence on American society.

14 November 2008