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downside to no sales tax in OR: when you go home everything is expensive

 I’m typing this from my rocking chair at home in Tacoma, with my cat by my side (it is Thanksgiving break).
Classes all seem to be gearing up for finals.  I know I was hammered with assignments before Thanksgiving Break; it’s too early to start reviewing, but there’s not much class time left to learn much more new material, so that basically means it’s time for projects and papers!  I just turned in an essay in International Affairs, and the Old Testament class has been hard at work on a multi-stage 20-page research paper/project.  In Networks, we just chose the topics for our final projects.  I think I’m going to be working solo on a networked tic-tac-toe game.  I feel like it’s going to be pretty simple, so that means I’m probably going to have to spend a bunch of time on it because it will inevitably become complicated.

minus the bearLast weekend, the band Minus the Bear played on campus.  It was a really good concert; on the logistical and planning side of things, it was kind of a fiasco, but the band were all really cool and nice to me, so that was good.  It could have been a lot more stressful than it was.  And the music was great, so there’s that.


 Anna Spackman ben bateman  

Also last weekend, the Platteau Student Art Center in Platt West residence hall held its monthly open-mic night.  Student performers from all over campus (and some who live off-campus in houses or apartments) come to share their performance art (mostly music, but some poetry, dance, stand-up, personal essays, and many other things) or to try out new things that they may be working on perfecting.  It’s a really cool experience every time it happens, and many people here look forward to it every month.  This year we had to extend it to 3 hours because the normal 2-hours we’d allotted were just not long enough to include all of the people who want to perform.  The really cool part is that most people stay through the evening, even if they just came to watch a specific friend (and most performers stick around for the duration, too).
After the show, some friends and I stuck around in the Platteau and jammed (I guess “experimented with sound” is more correct). We just brought some of our instruments there and tried to make weird noises and play off each other, it was pretty cool (if you have the means, go turn the gain way up on an electric guitar and try singing into the pickups!).
Only a few weeks left in the semester… so much to do!art outside JR Howard Hall.  I don't know why it's there, what it means, or who made it.

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27 November 2008