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A little late.

All quiet on the western front this week.  Last week was pretty relaxed for me academically. I didn’t have any exams or papers due.  On the contrary, this week has been loaded with papers, and tomorrow I have my final biology “midterm.” I don’t know why it’s called a midterm, there are three of them spaced out over the course of the semester.  Either way tomorrow is the last one, I’m pretty pumped about it.  This week has gone by so fast, but I am so looking forward to the weekend.
We are a little past the halfway point of November, which means that I am halfway through no shave November.  My beard is coming in, in little bits here and there.  Many of my comrades who are older are rocking quite exquisite facial hair.  Regardless of my inadequate beard I will continue to participate in the ancient tradition of no shave November.  Hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to shave my chin and cheeks and sport a manly Burt Reynolds mustache. me trying to grow facial hair  This is the one area of my face where hair grows the most; I believe it is due to genetics.  My father has probably the greatest Zappa-like mustache.  I hope someday I will be able to grow a stash to make my father proud.  dad’s stash
Next week is Thanksgiving.  I’m heading down to San Francisco to hang out with my best friend.  The plane ticket I bought was wicked cheep and the flight is only about an hour.  It’s so tight that my best friend lives an hour and $250 away.
Well its getting close to being the end of the semester and the cold is setting in.  The rain has begun to fall every day now and all the leaves have fallen from the trees.  A friend back home said the temperature was pretty much in the 20’s.  I miss the dry bitter cold; this soaking wet cold will need some getting used to.

Until next time.reynoldscar.jpg

21 November 2008