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It gets harder closer to the end!!!

Winter break is exactly four weeks away.. Yay!! Now I know most LC students are currently looking forward to the holiday much closer (Thanksgiving) because fortunately most of them get the opportunity to return home and spend time with their family and old friends. I on the other hand am not able to fly back to Jamaica for a long weekend; so instead I’m counting down the days until I arrive in Kingston for my very anticipated Winter Break. Until then I’m sure my professors will ensure that my thoughts are occupied by dishing out tonnes of assignments.

Last week LC had its multicultural Symposium , which was pretty interesting. Although I didn’t attend any of the info sessions last year three of my friends were taking part in the race monologues so I absolutely had to go see them… And it was truly amazing.. If and when you decide to attend LC I definitely recommend that you check out all the symposiums that we offer, you’ll learn some really interesting facts and open your level of understanding for a lot of different concepts.

This past weekend I managed to break free from the shackles of course work and have a little what I like to call “Tali Time”.  On Friday I end classes pretty earlier and decided to head downtown to do a bit of shopping .. (with the convenience of the RAZ shuttle of course)… I’m always surrounded by people and I love it that way but sometimes I think it’s necessary to take some time out and be by myself; and why way of doing this is spending money on things I probably shouldn’t get but for some reason it always makes me feel better. When I headed back to school, my friends and I just enjoyed a quiet movie night and watched Sex and the City… (which I didn’t think was that good at all)…But it was fun as always to just hang out with my friends especially when you have a Wam Wams and Zoo Zoos bag (Goody bag).

On Saturday, the very anticipated Fall Ball had arrived and I was particularly looking forward to it. I love dancing and just having a good time, so I was excited to be able to do so after a long tedious week of classes. Thankfully I was not disappointed by what the Activities Congress concocted. The music was right, the food was fantastic and when you’re with friends that you normally have a blast with, fun is practically inevitable.

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Peace and Love People


20 November 2008