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An Accordian And A Saxophone

It’s another typical fall day in Oregon: chilly and foggy. I don’t mind it too much though because I love being able to wear my warm and cozy clothes. You can tell that we’re moving into winter though because there are barely any leaves left on the trees these days. Luckily L&C is immersed in Evergreen trees, and they live up to their name quite nicely.

Saturday was the much anticipated Fall Ball. It was held at the Crystal Ballroom, which I had never been to before, but it was a fantastic venue for a dance because the floor bounces! Everyone agrees that it was so much better than OMSI last year. And most people love an excuse to get all dressed up, so that was fun too. I have some friends on Activities Congress and I know it was somewhat stressful to put it all together, but in the end they hosted a great event (Crowd of Dancers). My advice for those of you new to L&C is, even if you think you’re so over the whole school dance thing…nobody’s too cool for Fall Ball, and if you get your friends to go with you it’s a blast (Me and a friend).

Sunday was a homework day for me. I’ve had alot of little things to do on top of regular work, but it still feels like I’ve been having a pretty low key couple of weeks. Tonight I sign up for my last three classes for next semester. In my first round pick I got this really cool class called The Rock and Roll Novel. At least two of my other classes will be philosophy courses because I’m starting to finish up my major, but my last class is still a mystery to me – I’ll decide tonight based on whatever is available. Every year I make the mistake of finding a bunch of really interesting classes before registration, but they inevitably get chosen by people registering before me, so I usually end up with some unanticipated electives. It always works out just fine though, so I’m not worried in the least.

I thought I’d also share some fabulous news! I have been working with the school to get a non-L&C study abroad program approved, and since I’m going senior year, I also had to petition some graduation requirements. Well, I heard on Monday that everything has been approved and I get to go abroad!!!! I’ll be studying in Galway, Ireland for fall semester at the national university there. I’m so happy, I can’t even put it into words. It’s going to be fantastic!

Last little note: on Friday night I was working in my room and some guy was standing in the parking lot playing the saxophone. I thought it was a bit random, but he was pretty good so I was enjoying it. Then another guy comes along with his accordion. Before I knew it, they were playing together outside my window! I couldn’t help but laugh at such an odd occurrence and think that L&C is such a quirky school sometimes.

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19 November 2008