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“And the Beat Don’t Stop For Nothin…”

Today is Thursday November 13, which means… Thanksgiving is exactly two weeks away! With this thought comes immense excitement because I am totally ready for a break amidst all the academic madness, and because it will be so nice to take a little breather from the rain and gloom. But then subsequent thoughts of what these next two weeks will require in my classes- papers, projects, and tests tests tests- keep my brain from flying away too soon.


Again, I didn’t post on Wednesday this week because that’s when all the action was happening. So here it is…


This week has been the Multicultural Symposium at LC, offering workshops, panels, lectures, and an art show. The theme this year was “Landscapes of Migration” and a highlight was On Wednesday, my professor walked my whole Intro to Cultural Anthropology class down the street in the blustery weather to the Law School to hear Alter Wiener, a Holocaust survivor, tell his story. He has written a book entitled “From a Name to a Number: A Holocaust Survivor’s Autobiography”, but rather than promote it, he just stood in front of the packed room and told us his story. He lost his family at 13 and was enslaved in several camps until the age of eighteen when he was liberated. With no relatives alive to speak of, he made his way to New York and went to college. Mr. Wiener now lives in Portland at a ripe 82, where he spreads his message of hope and peace.  The humility and joy with which he spoke was truly heartbreaking and inspiring. To have endured so much physically and mentally and to live so long afterward and to truly LIVE! I felt so privileged to be a member of the last generation who will probably have such an opportunity to hear such a monumental story firsthand.


I also attended the Multicultural Symposium Art Show. Here are some pictures of student and local art:

 Art #1Art #2Art #3Art #4


Alright, so I bought tickets back in September to see Old Crow Medicine show at the Crystal Ballroom downtown and last night was the much anticipated night! I had wanted to see them for years and- thankfully- was not disappointed in the least. They put on such a phenomenal show- arguably the best I have been to in Portland yet! The Crystal Ballroom is, as the name suggests, an old ballroom with bouncy-ish floors. It has a very unique ambiance, due to the rows of vintage lightbulbs on the walls and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling… the excitement in the crowd manifested itself in a hum of conversations and singing and eager foot-stomping to the Elvis songs playing while we waited for the band to come onstage. Finally the OCMS boys took their instruments; a banjo, a fiddle, a harmonica, a guitar, and a steel guitar; the crowd was so full of energy, it was contagious! We danced and sang along and had a good ol’ time… the time came when the show was over but- much to my pleasure- would not hear it! We stomped on the ground and clapped our hands off and hooted and hollered (it totally could have been a scene from “Walk the Line”!!) and they came back on! They played a bluegrassified cover of Bob Marley’s “Soul Rebel”- it was so rad! Then they took their final bows and left the stage to uproarious applause. Wait a second- did I say final bow? After much more rioting, they came back for a second encore! This time they played an absolute favorite of mine, “Caroline,” a sweet song about long-time lovers. It was a sweet ending.n1479420087_30142083_175.jpgn1479420087_30142084_6938.jpgn1479420087_30142086_8352.jpgn1479420087_30142087_90561.jpgn1479420087_30142090_7875.jpg

Thank you for reading all this, if you did, in fact, read all this. Have a great weekend, all!

Send emails my way if you have a favorite encore story, are experiencing a sunny gap in grey weather, or your feelings on James Bond’s influence on American society.

14 November 2008