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A weekend away

I am headed to Melrose for the weekend! Melrose is a small historic town, in the Scottish Borders. As part of our Scottish Culture class, we are presenting final research projects, and visiting historical sites in the town, including the home of novelist Sir Walter Scott!           

It has been a busy week here in Glasgow, so I am excited to relax a little after the presentations and spend time outside the library.

On Wednesday night this week I was walking home, and I think I felt a few snowflakes! It has been very cold lately, and there is probably as much rain here as in Portland. I really hope we do get snow though; it would look so amazing and magical against all the old, elaborate buildings.

Because there is not all the Thanksgiving bustle here, Christmas has proudly made its way into the shops and in the city centre. It is fun to sort of compare how holidays are treated in a new place.  

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14 November 2008