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Lazy Week

Not too much happened this week in my blog world.  This week is one of the first in a while that I didn’t have any exams to take or papers due.  Smooth sailing for me… next week however will be very academically stressful.  There will be all sorts of fun papers and exams due next week.  I guess that’s the whole deal with college.
I am a little nervous this week; my flex points are running low.  Flex points are like L&C monopoly money.  You can buy a certain number of flex points when you purchase your meal plan.  You can then spend them on all sorts of things at Maggie’s or the Dovecote.  Maggie’s is a little supermarket/coffee shop.  Its nice to be able to go and grab a burrito and some Kombucha whenever you want—well whenever before midnight.  The Dovecote is a little coffee shop down in the academic part of campus that sells various candies and snacks and coffee as well.  It’s bumpin’ in between classes, everyone’s trying to get some nourishments before their next class.  This week I found out that I’m down to my last few flex points!  This is devastating news for me, this means I will need to start paying in cash for any treats I want. n1479420087_30142155_5013.jpg
I went to a great show this week, that’s right it was the Old Crow Medicine Show.n1479420087_30142087_9056.jpg  Those boys played their hearts out last night!  It had to be one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while.  It was a great week for me, however next week is only a few days away and its time for me to stop relaxing and begin to study wicked hard!

Until next time.

13 November 2008