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The ABCs of Activities.

I realized today that there is too much alphabet soup on this campus. In an effort to make speaking and writing more convenient, we have shortened everything down to just a few letters. But I happen to be a proud member of one of these groups, and my letters are SAAC. This stands for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and it is made up of at least two representatives from each of our 19 varsity sports. I represent the women’s crew team, obviously, but I am also the group’s secretary. Basically my jobs include taking meeting minutes, sending out emails and updating our fabulous SAAC website. We act as the liaison between student-athletes and everyone else, as well as put on events throughout the year. We have a dodgeball tournament, host BBQs at football and soccer games, and put on a community outreach event, among other things.

I believe that it is an important part of being a student to get involved in anything you can. There are so many groups on campus that provide these opportunities that pretty much any interest is covered, and I haven’t done this but I’m pretty sure it’s relatively easy to start your own group too! One piece of sage advice that I would give new students: GET INVOLVED! Whatever it is that you want to do, it is way more fun when you do it with a group of people. It may seem lame or scary or whatever at first, but in retrospect you’ll regret not joining in. I got hooked into SAAC last year with the promise of free pizza every two weeks. As an athlete (or even as a college student in general) how could I pass that up? I’m now an integral part of the group and spend a lot of my time helping plan the fall carnival for our community outreach event. As scary as this sounds, I sometimes even have dreams about it…..maybe I’m too involved? Either way, it’s something that I enjoy putting time into and it has made this year much more hectic but also much more fun!

At this point I’m in a lull schoolwork-wise but there’s still the impending doom of term papers, tests and then…….dun dun dun FINALS! Seems crazy that the time has just flown by and we’re almost halfway through the year. I can’t wait to see what the spring will bring, but right now I’m just focused on Thanksgiving break. We’re adopting one of my friends for the weekend and a bunch of my family members are coming into town. It’ll be interesting to see how we’re going to fit 14 of us (plus one baby) into the dining room. It’s going to be great! Until then, though, I’ve got about two weeks ahead of me filled with plans and homework. Despite the lovely rain and grey weather, I’m attempting to keep a positive attitude about it all.


11 November 2008