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Yet another week has gone by.  November is here which mean continuous rain and a slight chill.  All the leaves decided to fall one night while no one was paying attention, and now its kind of dangerous to walk around.  My homeboy Nate took one step onto the bridge over the ravine and went down hard.  It’s only funny because he didn’t get hurt.  I’m on the market for a job at the moment and might apply for a grounds keeping position, which would mean I’d be responsible to clean up all of the leaves.  I’d be up for operating a leaf blower and driving a campus vehicle.
Halloween was pretty fun here at L&C.  There were numerous activities and spooky events on campus.  I attempted to dress up as Mr. Rogers, however my wardrobe lacks kindly older gentlemen apparel.  Nate was wearing spandex… Thats all.  n1273620729_31042806_4553.jpg  n550602177_1584284_3334.jpgIt was a mischievous night full of spooks and such.
The day after Nate and I went into town in search for REI.  We took some wrong turns and wound up quite lost in North West Portland.  I asked a Hotel bellman for directions and realized it was this guy I had worked with four years ago in Maine.  It was such a coincidence to find a past friend working on a random street in Portland, Oregon.n1273620729_31042851_7027.jpg
One more thing I forgot to mention about this month: its No Shave November.  This is a chance to prove your ability to grow facial hair.  My scraggly scruff is coming in quite splotchy.  I look a little gross and my chin itches from time to time, but I feel so good, so manly.

Big exam tomorrow, so Ill see yall next week.

6 November 2008