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Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Though today was a most typical Wednesday- full of classes, meetings, friends, work and play- I have had to step back at many moments throughout the day and remind myself that I have just been sewed into the patchwork quilt of history. Last night, students gathered in dorm lounges, classrooms, and Council Chambers (the big lecture hall) to watch the election results come in. My friends and I were a few of the dozens of students in C.C. and I wish I could express the energy that filled that room. As each state’s result came in, the volume in the room rose above the constant hum of excitement and anxiety. When Ohio’s results came in, many began to cheer, certain that the new president had been determined. I, however, was so anxious that I could not yet trust the numbers…dscn0005-1.jpgdscn0009-1.jpg


Unfortunately, I had to break away from the party for a while because I have Gamelan on Tuesday nights. I don’t believe I have explained Gamelan yet. It’s a music course in which we play in an Indonesian orchestra comprised of various gongs, drums, and xylophone-esque instruments. The gamelan at LC was brought over from Java by some professors. They found them stored in a cave in the middle of the jungle, and all the instruments date back about two hundred years! The gamelan looks and sounds really beautiful when all played together… it’s an eery, shimmery kind of sound that I’ve never heard in music of any other culture. We all sit on the floor to play the instruments, which are all low to the ground, and in the middle of class we take a break for tea. During this break, we tuned in to NPR to stay up to date on the election.s567882041_782745_8039.jpgs567882041_782746_8073.jpg


dscn0013-1.jpgdscn0017-1.jpgdscn0019-1.jpgGamelan ended at about 8:20 and we rushed back over to Council Chambers. Obama had just been announced the winner of the 2008 presidential election! The cheers in the room made it impossible to call my mom or sister to celebrate! Everyone quieted down as he delivered his speech… This is a moment I will never forget in all of my life. I looked around at my peers and felt so deeply IN that moment of hope and wonder- I am so grateful to be part of generation that is initiating this nonviolent revolution. And it was only then, as he spoke, that I could truly believe that he was actually our president! After the speech, there was much hugging and dancing and singing of “Yes We Can”. Everywhere on campus, students paraded about in celebration- it felt like Italy after winning the World Cup! It was such a beautiful night. Although, the victory is yet to come, in my mind, in the years ahead. I have hope, and long to continue being the change that we all wish to see.


Although it seems trivial in light of all this, I thought I should say that my Halloween night was fantastic and I hope yours was too! I dressed up as a “foul ball”- it was a pun, my specialty. I was a baseball with a black eye, dirt smudged all over my face and arms, and “foul” language written on me. Ha.. Ha…. n1273620729_31042818_6796.jpgSome friends and I went downtown and went to Chipotle dressed up as a burrito (i.e. wrapped a blanket around us all and put sticky notes on our forehead indicating which ingredient we were). And no, contrary to what you might think, we didn’t do it just for kicks. In fact, Chipotle gives out free burritos on Halloween if you come dressed up as a burrito! After eating the most delicious free burritos in the world, we went over to Portland State University to watch “Pet Sematary,” about the worst and funniest horror movie on the planet. Plus, free popcorn? Now that’s what I call a good time.


The rain sounds so lovely outside… This week is “La Semaine Francaise” at LC so a group of students gathered to watch “La Vie En Rose”, a French film about Edith Piaf. It’s a beautifully made movie… thought quite long. Which means, I must return to my homework- or maybe I’ll just continue marathoning “Freaks and Geeks”. We’ll see. Please email me! About inaccurate subtitles, smokers’ coughs, our new president, or anything else on your mind.

6 November 2008