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It’s really over!!! The election that seemed like it would never end is actually over! The funny things is before I came to Lewis and Clark I was never really a fan of politics it just didn’t seem to interest me what so ever. But that all changed when I came to LC. The student body is so motivated and determined; their interest in committing to a cause to benefit not just themselves but America on a whole is incredible and extremely commendable. You just can’t help but become enthralled by it yourself and you begin to learn the importance of our youth and what we are truly capable of. As I sat in my dorm’s lounge with a bunch of my hall mates huddled together watching the election results,  I realized they got me hooked!!! But it truly was an incredible experience to view firsthand such a monumental experience in America’s history.

This week is turning out to be one of my hardest week’s since the term began. I have three exams and a paper to complete by Friday.. FUN HUH?? Sometimes it gets really difficult but you just have to press on and realize that in due time it will be all worth it, and that feeling of success is always the best feeling you can have. So I will think optimistically and try to give it my best shot.

Last week was a pretty fun week!! It was Halloween as you probably already know and I decided to be a police officer. I became obsessed with this Lil Wayne song “Mrs. Officer” so I just had to =). Unfortunately, I was unable to go trick or treating because by the time I was decked out in my costume it was a bit too late. I did have fun with my friends that night though. As a matter of fact that entire weekend was too much fun, which probably explains my difficulty this week (learn to balance guys lol). There were a ton of LC events for Halloween including a scary movie night and a costume competition.3.jpgThat’s the thing about LC, there’s always something going on, you can rarely be bored unless you choose to be bored.1.jpg

Apart from all the fun, I have been missing my family and friends lately, it’s about that time of year. Don’t get me wrong I love LC and everything it has to offer. My friends here are fantastic and they keep me laughing for days but it does get hard when you don’t see your parents for a while after spending seventeen years of your life with them. And you build friendships in high school that are really hard to replace (well you do tend to miss them just as much when I’m away from them. I guess it’s just a win lose situation =).4.jpg

Well guys as I mentioned earlier, I do have some studying to do.. but first I think I’m going to take a quick nap (procrastinaton’t want to replace them) so yes I do miss home. But soon enough I will be back and I’ll be saying the same thing about LC. The people you meet here become a part of your family as well so Ir I know)…. Until next week.. Keep Safe

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5 November 2008