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Finally  a video!  My original idea for this week’s video was foiled by the rain, so I decided sort of last-minute to abandon the actual project and focus on something else for this week, so I apoligize if if seems a little un-polished; this isn’t the video I intended to make on, oh, say… Tuesday morning.  That being said, I think it turned out alright.
door in platt platt lounge tv  platt lounge election night

I would have had more time to work on things like video blogs, but, as usual, I’m pretty swamped.  Although my midterms are done, that just means it’s time to gear up for term papers and finals that are actually not terribly far away.

It’s not all work, though, I did manage to spend a fair amount of time this weekend just doing absolutely nothing, which was a welcome change.  It was too wet to skateboard, so that was a bit disappointing, but I’ll live.  I do love the late Fall and Winter (I like the feeling of being cold), but it does mean that longboard is no longer a reliable method of transportation as it is during the summer.  Sure, one CAN skate in any climate, but when one is not-very-good like me, one bites it pretty hard on the way to class too many times during one’s freshman and sophomore years, so this year one rethinks one’s usage of the longboard as a primary mode of transportation after late-September.

Who cares about skateboards, it was election day!  The video covers the evening pretty thoroughly, but I thought I might post a bit about what I did earlier in the evening; a friend here had a problem with her ballot, so she needed to go down to the headquarters and vote in person (Oregon is an absentee-only state).  I drove her around Portland as we tried to find the elections headquarters, but before arriving, we found a stray L&C student also looking for the elections office.  The three of us arrived there and waited in line for one and a half hours (not much by some standards, I am aware).  After my two pals successfully voted, we went for a celebratory dinner meal at the Roxy cafe downtown.

Another bit of politics at Lewis and Clark, I wanted to make sure to link the video of a performance that various members of the LC a capella groups made last year, uniting under the name “Barackapella.”  It has had moderate viral success on the internet, and it is, if I may, a solid rendition/arrangement of’s “Yes We Can” song.

This weekend I’m going to a house with the other people on my Campus Living (CLA/RA) staff.  Hopefully I’ll be able to relax and get caught up on the rest I’m already missing!  There’s just so much to do here that isn’t sleep, sometimes I forget that I really should go to bed at a vaguely decent hour every once in awhile.

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5 November 2008