October 2008

It’s a Short One..

hhhhh.jpgLast weekend I went bowling at PSU with a group of friends from Akin.  It was a lot of fun!  There are a lot of cool places that are accessible from LC and it’s nice to take advantage of them at times.  I also got together with a group of girls in the apartments on campus and played a few board games again.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a chill weekend where you just hang out with friends and make your own fun.bbbb.jpg

Fall has begun and it’s starting to get dark earlier.  Leaves are falling off the trees and it’s really pretty.  LC has such a pretty campus in all seasons.  That also means it’s flu season!  I have been sick all week :(  The good part is that at least the professors understand if you let them know what’s going on.  Also nice to have an accomodating health center on campus that’s not a long walk at all.bgbgbg.jpg

I’m getting really excited for Halloween because trick-or-treating was a lot of fun last year.  This year kids from the elementary schools are coming to our dorms to trick-or-treat so that should be really interesting and it’ll be nice to see some cute kids around here.

Well, I’m going to peace out and get some rest!  French test Friday!!  Will update you more later.  Remember you can always email me with any questions!nnnnn.jpg


22 October 2008

for(int midterm=3;midterm>0;midterm-=1){cary.studyALot();}

Sam programming  Portland’s Mayor-elect Sam Adams speaking at LC  Blue Scholars performing at LC  LCMC with Blue Scholars and Common Market
It is midterm time.  I am still waiting for a professor to come into class and announce “Just kidding, guys!”  So far there haven’t been many prospects of that sort of thing happening.  Once in 10th grade, my teacher was a few minutes late to class.  We turned off the lights and closed the door (and the blinds on the classroom windows) and he walked past, figured that since the lights were off that we had no class, and left.  I kind of keep hoping that something similar could happen in relation to midterms.  I am wholeheartedly behind trying this tactic out on midterm day.

Today I had a midterm in my Hebrew Bible class.  The class centers around studying the Old Testament and learning about the different hypotheses regarding its original creation and compilation.  It is perhaps my most interesting class, and I never would have taken it, but I needed one more class to fill out my schedule.  Since my original scheduling plans fell through at the last minute, it was either this class or World Music (sorry world music).  So, I enrolled in Old Testament, thinking it would just be something through which I’d grit my teeth.  Nope, it is extremely interesting (although pretty rigorous).  To give you an example of the kind of stuff we’re learning, here’s an excerpt from the 3-page exam study guide our professor made for us (thankfully):

Know: the historical background for understanding the Book of Deuteronomy (including questions of Judean or Israelite provenance, role of northern Levites, portions related to Josiah’s reform movement); relationship to previous religious traditions (Ezekiel and aristoratic empires; David-Zion traditions, family piety, exodus traditions, prophetic traditions, wisdom traditions); importance of “diaspora” populations in understanding the proposals made in Deuteronomy; relationship of Deuteronomy to the rest of the Deuteronomic Collection and to the Tetrateuch; “religion of Deuteronomy (election and bilateral covenant; hierarchy, ethics in cult, society, and culture; relationship between religious phenomena and “the state;” and exclusivity of commitment); the relationship between Deuteronomy as secondary religion and primary religion of exiles.

So, yeah, not the easiest test in the world.  If you come here (or go here), take a class from Professor Robert Kugler.

Midterms aside, I had a pretty fun weekend.  On Friday night there was a hip hop concert on campus.  As a member of Music Coalition, the concert-planning committee here, I arrived about 5 hours before the show to help set up.  My friends on LCMC and I set up the dressing room, manned the doors, and most of the other non-musical concert-related jobs you can think of.  The show went very smoothly.  The openers, EmpyrSays and Common Market, were both notably good.  Before the show I wasn’t really familiar with either of their music, so that was a welcome surprise.  Blue Scholars rocked it just like they did last year.  All said and done, about 1/3 of the student body was at this concert.  It’s a pretty good feeling to put on an event that 33% of the student body attends.

Saturday afternoon, I went to a professor’s house to play board games.  Once a semester, he hosts a “Chinese Food and German Board Games” event at his house where we, you guessed it, play board games and eat Chinese food.   He’s a Computer Science professor, so most of the people who attend are math or computer science students, so it’s basically a fun way to get to know the math department kids outside of class.  The event was very fun; I played a rousing game of Settlers of Catan with some of my friends.  I’d never played Settlers before (yeah, I’m a poseur nerd), so I didn’t do very well, but I had a great time with it; I think I’ll probably purchase that one soon.

In the coming week: 2 midterms, 1 essay, 3 nights of duty in Platt-Howard (RA stuff), and plenty of work and class.  I’m glad I’ve got a retreat planned for the 7th of November… I’m pretty much counting down the days.

now playing in my ears: “Again & Again” by The Bird and the Bee

22 October 2008

Layers make life warm.

Like the rest of the student body, I am currently in the depths of my midterms and I can definitely feel it taking a toll on me. I would have to say that my most difficult midterm so far is from one of my philosophy courses. Surprise surprise, right? For the most part, when I read Plato I tend to feel that he just needs to get to the point. But that’s the way it is with those crazy old philosophers. Thankfully we’re moving into new material which I understand a little bit better. Overall my classes are really interesting and like I said before, I’m really looking forward to next semester! (If you want to know more specifically about the classes I’m taking, feel free to shoot me an email at: asbridge@lclark.edu)

Sadly, we are in our last week of crew practice, but it is going quite well so far! Yesterday we did pieces on the erg (indoor rowing machine) with the novice (brand new rowers) women and I was so impressed! These girls took a huge step in their progress towards being fast, and I think they are really ready to race this weekend. I think everyone else on the team is feeling the anticipation as well. I know I am for sure; my last midterm is due on Friday, so I’m looking forward to a good weekend of races and relaxation.

On a different note, I think I can officially say that IT’S FALL!! I actually had to break out my wool jacket yesterday. It’s such a beautiful time of year in Portland. Though I’ll have to admit that I do miss all the amazing colors and mounds of snow from my freshman year experience of a New England fall and winter. The mornings are getting quite chilly, and it’s just a matter of time before our boats start to get iced over during practice. I find myself grabbing an extra pair of socks each morning so I can double up!

Generally, my idea for my blog posts was to pick somewhat of a theme, using it to guide my writing and help give a better picture of life here at L&C. Apparently this time my topic is the weather….lame, I know. But honestly, for those of you who have never experienced weather in the Pacific Northwest it is always good to get an understanding of it. For myself especially, choosing a college revolved a lot around location. You have to find a good fit. I’m thinking that for the most part people are happier with what they are used to, but my roommate from Florida is still in Pennsylvania, so who knows.

Next on my schedule is a lunch meeting with one of our athletic administrators and some fellow athletes. We are planning on hosting a fall carnival in November for local elementary schools kids. It will be run by L&C student-athletes and sponsored by our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), of which I am secretary. We are still working out all the kinks, but I think it is going to be a great event that shows our community that student-athletes do more than just walk around with ice packs. More to come on this event when we get closer to the date!

Until next week,


22 October 2008

The sun don’t shine, but the leaves are golden.

I’m alive! Hallelujah, praise be. Yes, the last time many of you checked, I was indeed alive and thriving here at Lewis & Clark. However, in the week between posts, I was struck by a most malicious sniper. Indeed, I got the flu.

Because of this, most of my weekend and the beginning of the week are a blur of fevered sleep, a trip to the health clinic, and more sleep, and less pleasant things to speak of. Today I am beginning to rise from the dead and dragging my decongestant/vitamin C tablet stuffed zombie of a self to classes. Living with lots of people who come from so many diverse places and backgrounds is one of my absolute favorite things about LC. Unfortunately, I am not used to the germs they bring with them and so my immunity system has taken quite the blow this semester!

Before the downfall, there was one fun thing that happened this weekend. “Once Upon a Weekend” is a show on campus comprised of short plays written by students that are then casted, directed, rehearsed, and performed all by students, all in one day! It’s quite an astounding process and the show was so great! The theme was “Revenge (Sweet, sweet)” and made for some very entertaining plots. My roommate, JJ, and many of our friends participated in the show as actors and playwrights. In between each play, the on-campus a cappella groups (Section Line Drive, Momo & the Coop, and the Merry Weathers) performed, which is always a treat. The highlight for me was Section Line Drive’s rendition of Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago”. It was breathtaking!

Sorry that there aren’t any pictures this week. It’s hard to snap a Kodak moment from the grave. But I did manage to keep it short, and I promise lots of pictures and gold stars next week! As always, feel free to email me about future flu remedies, the soothing affects of applying henna while watching a frustrating debate, or the uncanny similarities in the lives of the characters on “The Office” to people in your own.


22 October 2008

Mmmmmm bananas…

    Well, it’s officially autumn.  Fall break came and went so fast it’s actually not funny.  I can hardly believe that two months ago I was back in Maine living the summertime dream.  My first collegiate fall break went quite well.  I stayed on campus, which was quiet, but really nice.  I woke up late everyday, and caught up on a lot of relaxing.  The leaves are changing, and the temperature is dropping, but lets be honest, it’s nowhere near as beautiful as fall in New England.  I will admit that the weather has been amazing, which is odd because everyone out here told me it would be awful this time of year.

Today was by far the best day I’ve had since coming to Lewis and Clark College.  Every day here is spectacular, however today was just shy of perfect.  On Tuesday I was informed that my today’s class would be canceled, total bummer (not really).  This schedule change left me with no classes.  I woke up at roughly 11:30 and made my way into the crisp late morning air.  On my way to the Bon (the dining hall) my CLA friend convinced me to join him in a brief hookah smoking session.  I then ate and went into the city with my pal Nate (the one who DJ’s with me).  We took the streetcar up to Anna Banana’s on NW 21st street.  Anna Banana’s is by far the best coffee shop in the tri-county area, if not the entire state of Oregon.  I had the Lanikai Beach Mocha, which is espresso with banana, macadamia nut and coconut. ( Sweet Deliciousness)  Nate had the Doot Da Do, which is chi with a shot of espresso.  We did work, ate cookies, and drank the most delicious beverages ever.  We ran back to Pio Square and just barely made the bus back to campus.  I ate dinner, nothing special, but for some reason fairly good today, then hopped on the College Outdoor’s climbing shuttle to the Circuit (a local bouldering gym).

At the end of the day I felt simply content.  I didn’t go on any wild adventure or do anything particularly enthralling, but I had a great time.  Now that just about two months of school behind me I finally feel settled in.  I think that to me L&C is becoming more and more like home.

Until next time,


17 October 2008