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Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween! And sorry for the delay this week, it’s been a crazy one. We usually post on Wednesdays, but this past Wednesday was my birthday! It was also the day before I had to do my first performance of a scene I have been working on in my Acting class. So Wednesday was split between frantically running through my scene with my scene partner in preparation for the next day and celebrating my birthday as well. img_0299.JPG

This birthday was made very memorable, thanks to my beautifully creative friends and family. The day got off to a good start because my earliest class, E&D, was cancelled! At lunch, my mom had conspired with my roommate JJ for the Bon to provide me with a cake, which was a slightly embarrassing but thoughtful and delicious surprise. We have been living off it for the remainder of the week. Ah, the college student’s diet. Later in the day, I walked into my room to find myself bombarded with balloons by my friends as they serenaded me, accompanied by an accordion! I was also the lucky recipient of several hilarious D.I.Y./recycled birthday cards and gifts. Some of these included a bouquet of lovely dried lavender picked down by the pool on campus by my friend Kate, a coupon for a four-hand massage from Kate and Logan, and a beautiful journal that my boyfriend, Casy, made and bound himself and sent to me in the mail! img_0313.JPGimg_03141.JPGimg_0318.JPGimg_0327.JPG

That night, a group of us took the RAZ downtown and ate dinner together at a Lebanese restaurant called Nicholas’. For those of you visiting the school, this is the first restaurant I would suggest. It’s a completely unique experience, and the food is insane, in a good way. The meal begins with a humongous, freshly baked piece of pita bread set on a platter in the middle of the table that everyone shares. If only I could begin to explain the warm bready goodness… We enjoyed a spread of baba ganoush, hummus, falafel, tabouli, and a spinach and feta pie thingy! Mmm. I definitely ate too much, but I don’t think it could have been prevented. It was too darn good. img_0320.JPGimg_0321.JPGimg_0322.JPG

Luckily, the next place we were headed was to meet up with the rest of the gang at Berbati’s Pan to dance the night away at the Yelle concert! For those who are not familiar, Yelle is a French tekktonique (French electrodancepop) artist. Passion Pit opened up for her, which was really fun to see. Picture lots of synthesizers, an electric guitar, and a gang of hyper sweaty boys onstage. However, nothing compared to the greatness that is Yelle because:

a)     She is adorable! She has a very distinct style of dancing that she invites everyone to join in. And who can resist, “Ah yeu ready to DANCE, Pohght-lahnd?”

b)    The amazing DJ Tepr was manning the Macbook. Such AWESOME mixing!

c)     The stereotypical shaggy haired French dude on the sparkly drum set, with purple pants provided the irresistible beats.

The venue is pretty small and it was absolutely packed. But we were near the front and, despite the many jabbing elbows and generous sharing of sweat, the show felt really intimate and engaging. It could have easily been a dance party in the Ponderosa basement! If you have not listened to Yelle and need some new music for a dance party, check out “A Cause des Garcons” and Tepr’s remix of “Ce Jeu”.

We emerged from the Pan at about 1 am wobbly legged from so much dancing and drenched in sweat that was probably mostly not ours. Because the RAZ only runs until 10:30 on weeknights, we divided ourselves amongst a few cabs. I had never ridden in a taxi before, and let me just say, riding in a taxi in Portland is a hysterical novelty of an experience! And, as long as you have enough people to split, it’s the most cost efficient and safe alternative late at night.

Sorry this is so long! I also wanted to mention that last night I attended a lecture on campus by Dr. Peggy McIntosh called “Waking up to White Privilege”. Dr. McIntosh’s lecture was extremely eye opening and thought provoking, and she was so funny and sweet. I highly recommend reading her articles! The lecture was packed, and today many students around campus have been discussing the concepts of racial and gender-related privilege systems ingrained in our society and the ways that we have the power to begin tipping those scales. Awesome stuff!

Okay, really, I am going to stop now. I have some pictures, so I hope those were enough of an incentive to at least skim this whole thing! Now I must go get in costume for the rest of the evening. Some friends and I are planning to go see a $2 viewing of “Pet Sematary” at PSU and then dress up as burritos to get free burritos at Chipotle. As always, please feel free to email your thoughts on French dance moves, “flesh tone” band-aids that match only a fraction of peoples’ skin, the difference between horror movies and psychological thrillers, or witty Halloween costumes! img_0294.JPG 

31 October 2008