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weather and a KLC promo

   Just a few more days until Halloween!  It’s going to be quite different from Halloween back in Maine.  I’m curious to see what this mischievous holiday will be like in a big city.  I did go searching for a costume, you know, a gorilla suit, or possibly some fixings to make one of the droogs from A Clockwork Orange, however it seems as though the theme at most costume stores is to jack the price up right before Halloween—go figure.  I’ll have to work something out… tomorrow.  portland
Got a chance to talk to the folks back home the other day.  Pops said that it had begun to snow a little there.  I do miss the late fall in Maine.  I’m told there won’t be too much frolicking in the snow out here in Portland; just rain.  Today, however, was yet another beautiful day.  I’m starting to think that this whole “Pacific Northwest has terrible weather” is a scam.  Unfortunately veteran Portlanders tell me otherwise.  But hey, we’re resourceful college kids, we will come up with plenty of fun and exciting things to do during the rainy season.  For example: the radio show Nate and I run.  Please tune in every Monday from 11pm to 1am Pacific Standard Time. Radio Show ( click on open in iTunes)  nate at KLC
I advise everyone to try to get a radio show; they are so fun.  We don’t really play any specific music, nor do we have any theme.  We go and chat a little bit, play some good tunes and get hyphy.  If not a radio show, there are so many clubs and groups that I’m sure you’ll find something to occupy your time.
I hope everyone has a good Halloween.  Don’t eat too much candy.


29 October 2008