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now i am better at the library of congress classification system

Midterms midterms midterms.

This is just going to be a quick update because I am mid-study and have been all week.  Tomorrow I’ve got tests in my Computer Graphics class and my International Affairs class, plus a paper for Old Testament due on Friday.

The weekend should be pretty nice though; not only will I be done with my tests, but there’re some Halloween festivities planned for the 31st and 1st.  There’s a (hopefully awesome) dance party/costume contest in the Trail Room, there are scary movies shown in Tamarack, and Hartzfeld is going to turn the dorm into a haunted house.  I think the latter part will be really tricky, but I have faith that they can pull it off.   I’m in charge of the playlist for the dance party.  Not so certain that I can make that work, but we’ll see.  I hope the attendees share my opinion that Electric Light Orchestra belongs on every playlist, no matter the context >_>.

On Saturday, LC Music Coalition is hosting Portland bands Alpaca! and NIAYH for an evening concert.

I’d love to dwell on the weekend, but I think I’ll dwell on the next 36 hours first.

I’m working on a quick video, in all honesty my studies are top on my mind right now though… it’ll get up ASAP, perhaps Saturday at the latest.

currently playing in my ears: “The Revolution Is Never Coming” by The Red Paintings

29 October 2008