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The sun don’t shine, but the leaves are golden.

I’m alive! Hallelujah, praise be. Yes, the last time many of you checked, I was indeed alive and thriving here at Lewis & Clark. However, in the week between posts, I was struck by a most malicious sniper. Indeed, I got the flu.

Because of this, most of my weekend and the beginning of the week are a blur of fevered sleep, a trip to the health clinic, and more sleep, and less pleasant things to speak of. Today I am beginning to rise from the dead and dragging my decongestant/vitamin C tablet stuffed zombie of a self to classes. Living with lots of people who come from so many diverse places and backgrounds is one of my absolute favorite things about LC. Unfortunately, I am not used to the germs they bring with them and so my immunity system has taken quite the blow this semester!

Before the downfall, there was one fun thing that happened this weekend. “Once Upon a Weekend” is a show on campus comprised of short plays written by students that are then casted, directed, rehearsed, and performed all by students, all in one day! It’s quite an astounding process and the show was so great! The theme was “Revenge (Sweet, sweet)” and made for some very entertaining plots. My roommate, JJ, and many of our friends participated in the show as actors and playwrights. In between each play, the on-campus a cappella groups (Section Line Drive, Momo & the Coop, and the Merry Weathers) performed, which is always a treat. The highlight for me was Section Line Drive’s rendition of Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago”. It was breathtaking!

Sorry that there aren’t any pictures this week. It’s hard to snap a Kodak moment from the grave. But I did manage to keep it short, and I promise lots of pictures and gold stars next week! As always, feel free to email me about future flu remedies, the soothing affects of applying henna while watching a frustrating debate, or the uncanny similarities in the lives of the characters on “The Office” to people in your own.

22 October 2008