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It’s a Short One..

hhhhh.jpgLast weekend I went bowling at PSU with a group of friends from Akin.  It was a lot of fun!  There are a lot of cool places that are accessible from LC and it’s nice to take advantage of them at times.  I also got together with a group of girls in the apartments on campus and played a few board games again.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a chill weekend where you just hang out with friends and make your own fun.bbbb.jpg

Fall has begun and it’s starting to get dark earlier.  Leaves are falling off the trees and it’s really pretty.  LC has such a pretty campus in all seasons.  That also means it’s flu season!  I have been sick all week :(  The good part is that at least the professors understand if you let them know what’s going on.  Also nice to have an accomodating health center on campus that’s not a long walk at all.bgbgbg.jpg

I’m getting really excited for Halloween because trick-or-treating was a lot of fun last year.  This year kids from the elementary schools are coming to our dorms to trick-or-treat so that should be really interesting and it’ll be nice to see some cute kids around here.

Well, I’m going to peace out and get some rest!  French test Friday!!  Will update you more later.  Remember you can always email me with any questions!nnnnn.jpg

22 October 2008