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for(int midterm=3;midterm>0;midterm-=1){cary.studyALot();}

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It is midterm time.  I am still waiting for a professor to come into class and announce “Just kidding, guys!”  So far there haven’t been many prospects of that sort of thing happening.  Once in 10th grade, my teacher was a few minutes late to class.  We turned off the lights and closed the door (and the blinds on the classroom windows) and he walked past, figured that since the lights were off that we had no class, and left.  I kind of keep hoping that something similar could happen in relation to midterms.  I am wholeheartedly behind trying this tactic out on midterm day.

Today I had a midterm in my Hebrew Bible class.  The class centers around studying the Old Testament and learning about the different hypotheses regarding its original creation and compilation.  It is perhaps my most interesting class, and I never would have taken it, but I needed one more class to fill out my schedule.  Since my original scheduling plans fell through at the last minute, it was either this class or World Music (sorry world music).  So, I enrolled in Old Testament, thinking it would just be something through which I’d grit my teeth.  Nope, it is extremely interesting (although pretty rigorous).  To give you an example of the kind of stuff we’re learning, here’s an excerpt from the 3-page exam study guide our professor made for us (thankfully):

Know: the historical background for understanding the Book of Deuteronomy (including questions of Judean or Israelite provenance, role of northern Levites, portions related to Josiah’s reform movement); relationship to previous religious traditions (Ezekiel and aristoratic empires; David-Zion traditions, family piety, exodus traditions, prophetic traditions, wisdom traditions); importance of “diaspora” populations in understanding the proposals made in Deuteronomy; relationship of Deuteronomy to the rest of the Deuteronomic Collection and to the Tetrateuch; “religion of Deuteronomy (election and bilateral covenant; hierarchy, ethics in cult, society, and culture; relationship between religious phenomena and “the state;” and exclusivity of commitment); the relationship between Deuteronomy as secondary religion and primary religion of exiles.

So, yeah, not the easiest test in the world.  If you come here (or go here), take a class from Professor Robert Kugler.

Midterms aside, I had a pretty fun weekend.  On Friday night there was a hip hop concert on campus.  As a member of Music Coalition, the concert-planning committee here, I arrived about 5 hours before the show to help set up.  My friends on LCMC and I set up the dressing room, manned the doors, and most of the other non-musical concert-related jobs you can think of.  The show went very smoothly.  The openers, EmpyrSays and Common Market, were both notably good.  Before the show I wasn’t really familiar with either of their music, so that was a welcome surprise.  Blue Scholars rocked it just like they did last year.  All said and done, about 1/3 of the student body was at this concert.  It’s a pretty good feeling to put on an event that 33% of the student body attends.

Saturday afternoon, I went to a professor’s house to play board games.  Once a semester, he hosts a “Chinese Food and German Board Games” event at his house where we, you guessed it, play board games and eat Chinese food.   He’s a Computer Science professor, so most of the people who attend are math or computer science students, so it’s basically a fun way to get to know the math department kids outside of class.  The event was very fun; I played a rousing game of Settlers of Catan with some of my friends.  I’d never played Settlers before (yeah, I’m a poseur nerd), so I didn’t do very well, but I had a great time with it; I think I’ll probably purchase that one soon.

In the coming week: 2 midterms, 1 essay, 3 nights of duty in Platt-Howard (RA stuff), and plenty of work and class.  I’m glad I’ve got a retreat planned for the 7th of November… I’m pretty much counting down the days.

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22 October 2008