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Mmmmmm bananas…

    Well, it’s officially autumn.  Fall break came and went so fast it’s actually not funny.  I can hardly believe that two months ago I was back in Maine living the summertime dream.  My first collegiate fall break went quite well.  I stayed on campus, which was quiet, but really nice.  I woke up late everyday, and caught up on a lot of relaxing.  The leaves are changing, and the temperature is dropping, but lets be honest, it’s nowhere near as beautiful as fall in New England.  I will admit that the weather has been amazing, which is odd because everyone out here told me it would be awful this time of year.

Today was by far the best day I’ve had since coming to Lewis and Clark College.  Every day here is spectacular, however today was just shy of perfect.  On Tuesday I was informed that my today’s class would be canceled, total bummer (not really).  This schedule change left me with no classes.  I woke up at roughly 11:30 and made my way into the crisp late morning air.  On my way to the Bon (the dining hall) my CLA friend convinced me to join him in a brief hookah smoking session.  I then ate and went into the city with my pal Nate (the one who DJ’s with me).  We took the streetcar up to Anna Banana’s on NW 21st street.  Anna Banana’s is by far the best coffee shop in the tri-county area, if not the entire state of Oregon.  I had the Lanikai Beach Mocha, which is espresso with banana, macadamia nut and coconut. ( Sweet Deliciousness)  Nate had the Doot Da Do, which is chi with a shot of espresso.  We did work, ate cookies, and drank the most delicious beverages ever.  We ran back to Pio Square and just barely made the bus back to campus.  I ate dinner, nothing special, but for some reason fairly good today, then hopped on the College Outdoor’s climbing shuttle to the Circuit (a local bouldering gym).

At the end of the day I felt simply content.  I didn’t go on any wild adventure or do anything particularly enthralling, but I had a great time.  Now that just about two months of school behind me I finally feel settled in.  I think that to me L&C is becoming more and more like home.

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17 October 2008