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Back in the swing of things.

I’m currently sitting in my room and listening to a tour group walk past my window. It makes me remember all the craziness of the dreaded college search, and realize how content I am with where I ended up. I mean, I had to go through alot of stress and hard decision making what with transferring and all, but in the end I think I’m in the right place. College is all about what you want it to be. Sometimes you’ve really gotta make a conscious effort to step back and get your ducks in a row, but that’s what life’s all about right? Enough of this philosophizing, moving onto my past week…

Fall break came and went, and I am now back in the swing of things here at school. It seems weird to already be part way through the semester and already have to be thinking about next semester’s classes! Advising appointments are upon us and I am totally looking forward to signing up for an awesome spring schedule. I’m also waiting to hear about (hopefully) my abroad program for next fall. I have always had this interest in Ireland, and I thought it would be the greatest to be able to study there one day. Though LC offers a wide range of fantastic abroad programs, Ireland is not one of them, so I had to go through another facilitator. The one thing I’ve heard from most college students (including my sister) is that if you have the opportunity to study abroad, then you should take it. I’ve had to fill out alot of paperwork and jump through alot of hoops, and now I’m just crossing my fingers. My advisor has been great though, and I know I have alot of support for my case, so it should turn out well. Let me just take a minute here and say how much I have enjoyed all of my professors at LC. Most of them have made my classes really interesting and are always available when I’ve needed help. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that most of the time I need alot of help, and it’s good to know that I can always go work things out with my professor. That’s another perk of small class sizes - there’s no hiding, but you have to opportunity to form some good connections.

 I need to back up though, because I don’t think I can post this blog without sharing some amazing pictures from fall break. On Saturday my mom and sister and I hiked Mt. Pilchuck up north in WA, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We weren’t the only ones out enjoying the good weather though, my mom referred to it as “highway hiking”. I was impressed because most of the people we saw on the trail made it to the top, and pretty much the entire thing was icey. On the way down I gave up trying to pick a dry spot and instead just squatted down and slid down the rocks. It was an adventure for sure. Here are some of the more magnificent pictures:

Sitting near a stream ; Ice designs ; Rocky trail ; Icicles ; At the summit ; Mt. Baker ; Sunset at the trailhead

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15 October 2008