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Yup… its a blog.

Woah!  So much has happened in such a short amount of time!  I really don’t know where to begin; how should I bring you into my life?  What tales should I tell you, to impress you, astonish you, lure you into reading more of what I have say?  Lets start at the beginning:
New Student Trips (NSTs) are probably the best way to start off a college career.  I backpacked the Wallowa Mountains, which was tight.  We hiked and hiked, and ate, slept under the stars, cooked delicious food, swam in alpine lakes, told stories and basically just had a great time.  If hiking isn’t your thing there were rafting trips, kayaking trips and trips in Portland focused on serving the community.  I highly recommend going on a NST, it’s a great way to meet a few people before meeting a lot of people.

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Well, the trip was over and we all settled down and got right into scholastics (only half serious).  Orientation was basically organized chaos.  There was so much going on all the time and no way that you could get to everything.  Finally said goodbye to mom and pops, and then relaxed—well for about a day and then classes began.  Classes aren’t bad at all though.  I mean sure, there is a lot of work to do, but it’s all interesting.  After class, there are never ending possibilities to keep you busy.  Currently I am playing varsity tennis, take part in the climbing club and paddle club and I DJ a radio show Monday nights from 11pm to 1am with my pal Nate.  I advise all of you to tune in at  This weekend the climbing club is taking a trip out to Smith Rock, which should be sick but I’m going to skip it to see the Blue Scholar and Common Market show.
Oh boy, life has been crazy since college started.  Good crazy though, don’t you worry yourself I’m not actually crazy.  I guess I’ll just have to tell you more next week.  I hope you semi-enjoyed what I had to say.  Hit me up if you want,  Stay fresh.

14 October 2008