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Obligatory introduction post

My name is Cary. I am from Bonney Lake, WA (but I say Tacoma because it gives me more cred, plus I went to high school there). I am a Junior at Lewis and Clark College.  I have been declared as a Mathematics/Computer Science major for two years, but I think I’m going to switch to the more focused Computer Science major.  Over the weekend I decided that I think I want to minor in Religious Studies (does it get more “liberal arts” than that juxtaposition of fields?).  So, that’s me academically.

Extracurricularly, I’ve got a lot going on this year.  I’m a CLA (most of you may know that position as ‘RA,’ Resident Assistant, or any number of derisive nicknames).  I like to think of myself as being available as a resource for my peers, but I imagine there are some people who probably just think of me as the person who has to take the beer away and bust up the underwear party.  Oh well.  I am also the deputy chair (“Vice President”) of Activities Congress (you’re probably noticing that, for whatever reason, LC just can’t conform to otherwise universally-accepted naming conventions.  Don’t ask me why).  AC plans many of the large events during the school year: homecoming, casino night, concerts, magicians, large-scale dance parties, etc.  It is a pretty awesome job.  As the deputy chair, I get to sit as a voting member on ASLC Executive Council.  Executive Council is pretty much the highest body of our student government here; we manage various subcommittees, control a large budget for student-related use, and listen to the concerns of anyone who wants to bring something before us.  It’s pretty much your usual student council gig, except with more money and more power than at a high school.

Perhaps my favorite extracurricular activity is my seat on Music Coalition.  This is a subcommittee of Activities Congress that manages a budget in the tens-of-thousands with the sole purpose of putting on pop/rock/rap concerts.  I’ve been doing it since my freshman year and have personally had a role booking, setting up, and/or sound engineering for bands such as Blue Scholars, The Helio Sequence, Schoolyard Heroes, Scissors For Lefty, The National, The Shaky Hands, Langhorne Slim, Jason Webley, The Dimes, Munly, Metal Shakespeare Company, and many others.  These are concerts that are entirely student-organized.  We contact the bands, we book the spaces on campus, we do the preparations, we run the lights and the sound, we do everything.  It’s such an awesome experience.

I do a lot more here, but those are the areas in which I’m currently most active.

If you have questions about a specific group or position here, I can probably find out info, but here’s a short list of other stuff I have done, just so you know where I’m coming from and what I might be able to field questions about if you happen to have any (I apologize if this reads like a résumé, but I don’t know how else to convey the information succinctly):

*Campus Living Advisor (aka “RA”) ‘07-present
*Information Technology (Help Desk operator: ‘07-present, Network/Tech Support: ‘08-present)
*Sound Engineer ‘07-present
*Platteau Student Art Center general manager ‘07-‘08
*Platteau Student Art Center web administrator ‘08-present
*Theatre Scenic Technician (building sets) ‘07-‘08

*Activities Congress
*ASLC Executive Council
*LC Music Coalition
*Improv Club
*Programming Club
*Go (the board game) Club
*Pirates of Palatine Hill (official LC World of Warcraft guild)
*semi-regular contributor to the Pioneer Log student newspaper.
*this blog

I’m hoping this is the only post that I make that will be this uninteresting.  In the future I plan to have much more of your typical “blog” format (hopefully with some cool videos… at LEAST some good photos)  I figured I’d just get all that information into one post in the beginning.  I’ll probably talk about all those things more at some point, so be ready.  I’ve already got another post pretty much done, still grabbing photos and videos to make it spiffier!

Feel free to e-mail me at or find me on the Facebook.

13 October 2008