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It’s My First Time!!!! Writing a Blog that is…..

Its already been a MONTH?? It seriously feels like I just left home to head back to Portland and now its actually fall break!! However, this semester has gotten off to a pretty good start for the simple fact that we had an entire month of sunshine.. YAY!!! I never experienced that last year here so it made this little island girl extremely happy… maybe a bit too happy if you ask me. I spent much of the first few weeks lounging on the grass located in front of my dorm while “attempting” to do homework, which rarely ever got done until I went inside. Weird enough, I’m pretty relieved the sunny days have started to fade since my work load has gotten more intense, my study habits should really be following that pattern as well.

If you’ve already checked out my about me, you probably get the gist of who I am (if you haven’t… why not?)… But since this is my first post, I wanted to do one of the many things I do best =)… talk about myself.. just a little bit. A part from living in Kingston, Jamaica for my entire life and listening to Bob Marley I kind of like to partake in a lot of other activities. As a matter of fact, just last week I attended two events being held at LC that I personally feel attached to. On Monday I accompanied my fabulous roommate as her date (she told me to say fabulous by the way I don’t say stuff like that), to a reception honoring the twenty-one United World College -UWC scholars at Lewis and Clark. Yes I know you don’t have a clue what that is.. it’s ok I didn’t either before I came to LC. In a nutshell, the United World Colleges are a bunch of really awesome high schools located in different regions of the world that promote not only diversity but also aid students with the understanding and appreciation of different cultural interpretations, all while getting a really good high school education. My roommate who is from Uganda and two of my closest friends from freshmen year all attended the UWC in Swaziland; so technically if UWC’s didn’t exist some of my best frienships probably wouldn’t either, and I don’t even want to think about that!

The other event I attended was a gathering for students of colour to meet with past students of colour, which was held during good ol’ alumni weekend. And guess what..I met someone from the graduating class of 1961!! I wasn’t even thought of back then!! There’s  just something about hearing an alumni’s story that interests me a lot, I think that’s the sole reason I enjoy working for the Annual Giving Department as a phonathon caller. But a part from that Lewis and Clark has done a great job in trying to promote diversity around campus and their efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed. Well as I mentioned it is fall break and there’s lots to do… So I’ll check in next week.. Oh feel free to hit me up on my email, I will answer your emails, I hate it when people don’t answer mine so I make it my duty to not fall in that trap…. Have a good wekeend guys and gals!!!



6 October 2008